Man of Steel: 10 Facts you need to know about new Superman movie

Superman has been the most acclaimed superhero in the Hollywood industry. After a worthwhile wait, this superhero is set to hit the screens. “Man of Steel” is one of the most anticipated movies of the year and it would feature the most popular superhero of all times, Superman. We will see out favorite superhero on screen after the 2006 hit “superman returns”.

This movie will feature the team of Warner Bros’ as the movie unit. Christopher Nolan, who served as the director of the batman series is appointed as the producer and co-writer of this movie. The movie will be directed by Zack Synder, who also served as the director of “Watchmen” and “300”. There are high expectations from this flick.

The cast of this movie is star-studded and features actors like Russell Crowe, Amy Adams, Lawrence Fishburne and Henry Cavill. Such a star cast is expected to bring box office favors to this movie. However, the storyline of this movie will be totally different from the dark knight or other creations.

Man of Steel

Here are some of facts that you should know about the new Superman movie:

1. Russell Crowe is seen riding the dragon in prologue:

The prologue to “Man of Steel” features Russell Crowe riding a dragon. This prologue has given enough hints to the audience on what sort of movie it would be. It’s not something bad and in fact it would turn out to be creating a rage among the movie lovers. The scene that has been leaked as prologue is quite soothy and wonderfully shot and it creates an environment where people could enjoy this movie to the optimum.

2. There is a subtle message in the prologue:

The prologue has been the talk of the experts for a long time and speculations have indicated to the fact that this part is extremely subtle in its message. The movie has been directed by Zack Synder, who is known for making great movies like “300” and “the watchmen”. The movie is said to have a fast paced script and it will move at a good speed, which is a good sign for the Superman fans.

3. Its different than “Superman returns”:

Superman returns did not receive high accolades from the critics and the public alike. There was a huge hype around that movie but it did not do wonders at the Box Office. However, if the reports are to be believed, this movie is set to be quite different from the last Superman movie. The superman in this movie will possess better powers and he will be a treat to see. If you are a diehard fan of superman, this movie is just for you.

4. The script of this movie is quite different than the earlier movie versions of Superman:

The story line and the script of this movie are quite different to the earlier versions of Superman movies. There is no humor in the movie, which might appear to be tedious, but there are a lot more new elements that provide pace t the movie.

5. Henry Cavill is programmed to do superman role:

The lead actor of “Man of Steel” is engineered in order to make justice for the role offered to him. The character is given a look that is strong enough to cut a glass through jaws, break a car with heavy hand push and other attributes are embedded in the interesting character of Superman in this movie. The hard work that the crew has gone through in making of this movie is incredible.

6. The flashbacks mark this awaited movie:

The movie features an ample of flashbacks and it will take the audience to the past happenings, which is quite a new concept in context of Superman movies. However, the momentum of this movie is kept fast. The characters have a story behind them which is showcased in the movie and it keeps the audience bound to the original storyline.

7. The use of 3D technology is questionable:

The only short-coming of the movie is the use of 3D technology. There is no use of 3D technology when it could be showcased well in 2D technology too.

8. Michael Shannon makes a thumping presence :

In the popular dragon sequence, Michael Shannon makes a special appearance and shouts like crazy gathering the attention of everyone in the audience, however in the beginning it’s hard to make sense out of hiss destructive dialogues. It starts making sense a bit later. The presence of Michael Shannon is quite strong and it leaves an everlasting impact on the audience. He looks like some guy who is bad, but you still love him. He stands tall in the star-studded cast and announced his presence in the movie.

9. The background music is extra-ordinary:

As expected the background and the music score of this movie is stunning. It has been produced by multi-talented musician Hans Zimmer. The music in the movie keeps you bound for hours and it is very interesting for audience of every age group.

10. Get ready for a sequel:

Warner Bros have already made an announcement regarding the sequel of this movie. Thus, the audience must be well prepared for some action soon. After watching this version of “the man of steel”, it will encourage you to think more about its sequel and start waiting for it.

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