Makeup Mistakes That You Might Regret & How To Fix Them

The fashion trends keep evolving and every now and then, a new trend emerges in the industry. When the trend is more artistic, it carries a risk of being regretted later by the endorser. Some people tend to develop chills when they see their past pictures with ombre hair and other make up disasters. Some makeup trends look appropriate at the time but they are not futuristic in their approach and there are chances that you might regret them in the nearest future.

Makeup Mistakes that you Might Regret, and how to fix them

Here are some of the common makeup mistakes and how to fix them:

1. Unblended brown lip liner:

Brown lip loner reminds us of the 1991 era. It is such a volatile makeup trend that it can make you look like a clown if not carried our properly. However, if you use a fleshy tone lip liner and try to blend it before the line actually disappears, and then the makeup can look very fresh and natural. Something that looks natural is never out of the trend.

2. Using the bright pink blush:

In 1980’s, the pink blush was the essential element of the women’s makeup box. You can figure out what I am talking about. The basic purpose of contouring was to create a little shadow but the fact remains that shadows are not fuchsia. The contouring shall be done with more something more neutral like the contouring cream or a gray brown bronzer.

3. Mommsen style smoky eyes:

Some makeup styles can make people look very pretty in a well posed photo, but when it comes to real life it does not work the same way round. The smoky eyes look usually symbolizes a rebel and it is more aggressive and dramatic in nature. It is usually called the drama makeup and you can make it look a little softer by using bronze brown or smoke gray color. It is more impressive this way round.

If bronzer confuses you in the first go, it is very natural that you will go a bit crazy but it is normal. With time people have got used to the concept and it is a fact that less is more in terms of makeup. When you apply less makeup on cheeks, the makeup looks in total balance and this is the way it can look very natural and adorable.

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