People who have been using Chromebook for some time know the importance of a real laptop. However, the speed and the ease of use with Chromebooks is extremely drawing and tempting. The feeling of using a browser attached to the keyboard is simply awesome. But the need of a real laptop is necessary at times.

I have been using a 13 inch Toshiba Chromebook for a long time now and making a Chromebook look like a real laptop is not a hard process. You can do almost everything from zipping and unzipping files to checking BitTorrent and accessing Windows programs. All these things can be accomplished at ease. Here we will discuss how to do all those tricks and make your Chromebook work like a real laptop.

Make Chromebook Into A Real Laptop With Three Simple Tricks

How to zip and unzip files:

The first step is to open the zip archive located on the Chromebook. The user cannot extract the contents of a zip file to folder like in case of windows or Mac. When you are opening the zip file, chrome OS portrays it like an external drive. Now you can check all the files situated within and open the one you want with Google drive.

The zipping up of files is even more hard. Once you have selected multiple files in the Google drive, you will be able to see the zip selection option. No matter what you do, the option is grayed out. You have to select the files that you need to unzip into single archive and take them to the download folder. The download folder is quite obviously the place where files are zipped up. Now the zip selection option will be active and you can easily zip the files to your comfort.

If you want to go for elegance, try WinZip. This program has overstayed the computer industry for very song now. It offers a new service known by the name Zipshare. This service is responsible for allowing the user to upload the files straight from Google Drive and archive them according to the convenience.

Using BitTorrent:

Just like every other user, I also use BitTorrent for one purpose and that is to download Ubuntu ISO’s. you simply cannot install BitTorrent on a Chromebook but working around BitTorrent is very easy.

The BitTorrent app known as JSTorrent works on the browser entirely and can be worked out on both Intel as well as the ARM based Chromebooks. It can be purchased at 2.99 USD but once you have added it to your browser, downloading torrents, even the big files becomes easier. JSTorrent saves all the files in the downloads folder on the Chromebook. Once they are zipped, you will simply know the way to unzip them.

Accessing Windows or Mac Programs:

There are some factors due to which the Chromebook usually misses the real laptop. These factors are “using iTunes” and other factors. The Chrome Remote Desktop app can be used to make this an easy process. You have to install it on your Chromebook and simply enter the six digit pin. Playing videos becomes very easy with this app. It is a great program that makes the life of the Chromebook users very simple and there comes no single moment when they start missing a real laptop.

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