Magical Tree Found: Bears 40 Different Fruits

There is nothing like impossible in the current world and nature is not left untouched from it either. A tree has recently been developed that bears as many as 40 different varieties of fruits including the likes of peaches, plums, apricots and cherries.

The project has been created by a sculptor based in New York, Sam Van Aken. He has recently created plants in order to push the limits of food production. Such trees are becoming a phenomenon in major cities around the US including Santa Fe, New Mexico, Short Hills, New Jersey, Louisville, Kentucky and Pound Ridge, NY. As many as 16 magical trees have been installed so far using the chip grafting technique.

One tree is basically responsible for producing 40 different varieties of fruits. The process of chip grafting dictates peeling off the silver lining on the tree including its bud and inserting a cut into the tree that is being worked upon.

Magical Tree Found: Bears 40 Different Fruits

The magical trees have been installed all around the US and they bear as many as 40 fruits. The variety of fruits that sprout on these trees is phenomenal. Sam Van Aken is the mastermind behind the project. He comes from the Syracuse University and works as a sculptor there. He has made the trees in order to guide the people away from the way they consider food production.

The project was actually started in the year 2008 when Van Aken learnt that the New York State Orchard that held different varieties of Stone fruit had to be abandoned. In order to save it, Van Aken came out with this project of magical trees. He started to experiment on the trees with the process of chip grafting, which finally materialized in the form of a magical tree that can bear as many as 40 fruits.


The concept of magical tree is also known as “The tree of 40 fruit”. It is actually not counted as one tree but it’s a series of fruit plants that are hybridized. Mr. Aken has produced 16 trees and placed them in museums, community centers and Art collection centers. These trees have been placed all around the US.

When the spring would come, the trees would shine with the shades of pink and white and in the summer, they would bear stone fruit. When Mr. Van Aken was interviewed by Lauren Salkeld, he stated that ‘I’ve been told by people that have [a tree] at their home that it provides the perfect amount and perfect variety of fruit, so rather than having one variety that produces more than you know what to do with, it provides good amounts of each of the 40 varieties.”

He also stated in the interview that all of the fruits ripe at different time intervals. Some of them ripe through July and October while the others ripe at some other time. Mr. Aken seemed to be very happy with his invention and people are acknowledging his efforts towards the society.

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