Loop-The-Loop Run Revolutionized By A Human For The First Time

Did you ever think in your wildest dreams that running “loop-the-loop” is possible by a human? Well, it is certainly not possible for the normal humans but for the super human Damien Walters, it is an easy trick.

He has defied all the laws of gravity and physics by performing the stunt of running on loop-the loop. His run has been supported by PepsiMax. The company arranged for a human sized loop the loop for him placed in an abandoned place which looked more of a warehouse. After doing some homework about his running, Damien came to the point where he decided to maintain the speed of 8.6 mph on the loop. Damien Walters is basically the first human to have developed this stunt into reality.


The video that is released by Pepsi not only shows Walters’ successful attempt but his failed attempts too. For the first trials, he made use of mats in order to gain confidence while running on loop-the-loop. After attaining the proper training, he took off with his running shoes. Damien was flawless while performing the stunt in his ultimate attempt. The flourish of this superhuman looked so natural and flowing and finally he emerged as a winner.

 Loop-The-Loop Run Revolutionized By A Human For The First Time

Damien Walters is one of the most popular free-runners and known for his fan following on YouTube. His videos have been viewed by more than 80 million people. Now he can confidently add another incredible stunt to his resume.

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