List of 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors

The word Hollywood is synonymous with the ideal that this is one amazing industry capable of turning normal humans into superstars & big celebrities who can bag in millions of dollars in one go. However, getting this celebrity fame is not a piece of cake, specially earning millions overnight. The fame, stardom, status are all just icing over the cake with the real sweet dessert being the cake which is the huge amount of cash you earn in this job; and you get to visit the various countries across the world as an added bonus.

Talking of money, are you aware of the exact amount the most popular actors earn? If not, here is a brief brochure giving a very basic, yet accurate idea about how much your favorite TV stars are earning. Let’s start with the top-most money making machine as of the starting of year 2013!


1. Tom Cruise

Here is the name which needs no briefing. He is so popular there is probably not anyone who is into Hollywood movies, and yet has not heard of his name. Tom Cruise, as expected, tops the list of this article. His estimated revenue in the year 2012 was around 75 million dollars. He leads this list by a significant amount of money, and it still remains doubtful whether anyone would be able to surpass his wealth in the near future. His remarkable performance in the hit movie series ‘Mission Impossible’ helped him make a strong hold in the Hollywood market.

Tom Cruise


2. Leonardo Dicaprio

Better known as the ‘Titanic’ heartthrob, he made a remarkable heartfelt presence when he first starred in the movie Titanic. Carrying forth his charm and grace, he succeeded to earn 37 million dollars through the popular films such as Inception, Blood Diamond and Departed.

Leonardo Dicaprio


3. Adam Sandler

Another heart throb & a crowd pleaser, Adam came into the spotlight with his magnificent role in the movie Rotten Tomatoes,  Sandler earned the same amount as Dicaprio in this year.

Adam Sandler


4. Dwayne Johnson

He is more famously known as The Rock in the field of wrestling. He has gained lifetime achievement, not only in the field of acting as well as screening, but also as a wrestler.  Some of his most popular hits were Fast Five & Furious Five. He collected 36 million dollars.

Dwayne Johnson


5. Ben Stiller

He is widely recognized because of his role in the hit movie series Night at the Museum. Currently he is being paid a whopping sum on 33 million dollars. There is probably no one who doesn’t know about him, especially those into comedy & action thriller movies.

Ben Stiller


6. Johnny Depp

Seeing his name at 6th position definitely upsets a lot of people because he has undoubtedly the biggest fan-following around the globe. However, money doesn’t define talent, does it? He earned 30-31 million dollars in the year 2012.

Johnny Depp


7. Will Smith

This man brings his own natural charm that makes all the girls go weak in the knees. His charming persona has helped him make a permanent place in his fans heart. He is one of the finest Hollywood productions. He earned 30 million dollars in spite of a brief hiatus.

Will Smith


8. Sacha Baron Cohen

He is one of the best comedians in the world. He has proved to be great asset for the film industry in the last few years. In spite of his brief working experience, he was capable of earning a mind boggling sum of 30 million dollars! The film Dictator helped to cash in most of the revenue.

Sacha Baron Cohen


9. Mark Wahlberg

He earned fame and reputation after his role in the hit movie The Fighter. He enjoys the 9th position by bagging in 27 million dollars of worth in just one year!

Mark Wahlberg


10. Taylor Lautner

He engraved his permanent status in the industry through his million dollars movie The Twilight series. Ever since then, he has been signing non-stop contracts with very highly talented film producers.  He earned around 26.5 million dollars. Now that is an astonishing amount for such a young lad!

Taylor Lautner

If you add the incomes of the above mentioned celebrities, it exceeds 400 million dollars! That is a lot of money which tells us how immensely rich the Hollywood industry has grown up to be in recent times.

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