Latest Inventions That Most People Don’t Know About

We all keep track of the latest gadgets like the chromecast, the 4GB RAM smart phones, smart watches and so on. But what most of us miss to notice are the simple inventions which would help our day to day life become easier and delightful. The recent focus of the world has been so much on mobile phones, computers & technologies that the average gadgets have been neglected. Still, there are some innovative minds out there who take the initiative to help this world become a better place.

Surprisingly, there’s been a flood of awesome contraptions coming up. We will share with you five creative gadgets that we find most useful and ingenious.

1. Sugru

What would you give to get a single material capable of fixing your broken items (any item!), gluing together you stuff (any stuff!), or having a playdough that could actually really be both effective & useful? No matter what you are willing to give, turns out it doesn’t really need much. All you need is Sugru, a revolutionary material invented by Jane Ni Dhulchaointigh, which looks like play dough and can be shaped at will to repair, enhance and embellish anything and everything! You can stick together anything, repair everything and unleash your inner artist!


2. The Shark Wheel

The Wheel reinvented. Seems unbelievable, right? But the shark wheels are innovative wheels, which aren’t exactly circular, rather the intersection of a cube and a sphere, yet they ‘wheel’. It allows you to go faster, slide better, ride on wet surfaces with incredible grip or even go smoothly through gravel.  According to their website, “The Shark Wheel has a constantly changing center point, and is 540 degrees (as opposed to a traditional wheel at 360 degrees) and therefore lasts longer”.  Mind blowing, right?


3. Ultra-Ever Dry

This is some sort of a superhydrophobic (water repellant) and oleophobic (hydrocarbons repellant) coating, which as the name suggests, will repel most water-based and some oil-based liquids. If you try to wet the surface of those objects which have this coating, you will literally see water droplets running to save their lives! This is because of the water repellant properties but it still makes for an awesome if not creepy effect.


4. Expandable Round Dining Table

This is one unique and super amazing table, and what makes it so special is its ability to automatically double its seating capacity whilst actually remaining circular in the process. This is done using special expansion leaves stored within the table itself which can self-position as the table changes from one size and looks to an entirely different one. Operations can be manual or electronic. More than company has started making these tables, but still, they cost a HUGE fortune! What a waste.


5. SCiO – A Pocket Molecular Sensor

SCiO is a sensor that I capable of reading the chemical make-up of materials making it the world’s first molecular sensor that can fit in the palm of your hand. It scans physical objects and sends the relevant info to your smart phone. SCiO can scan anything, be it food, medicines, plants, oil, fuels, plastics and wood. Eventually, as the database improves, it will be able to scan almost any physical material. It’s sort of like a Pokémon scanner, only that it scans real physical entities instead of Pokémons.


6. Panoramic Camera Ball

If you thought your smart phones’ panoramic shot was stupefying, then you obviously haven’t met Panono, the throw-able panoramic camera shaped like a ball which can capture everything in every direction at 108 megapixels and for 360° X 360° full-spherical panoramic images.


7. Zano – Autonomous Bot

Oh god what has the world come to now? This is a mean-blades-spinning-chopper sized smaller than a pack of Lays and yet totting a camera. To take SELFIES??!!
The horror implications aside, this technology does bring ground breaking (translated: cheap) portable hover technologies combined with aerial photography that can be used for lots of innovative purposes. The developers claim their bot is autonomous, intelligent and takes selfies.


After being hit with the truck load of ingenuity, I hope you are raring to go tear down the vines in your mind and look around or invent your own gadgets that actually have some use for humanity. If not, then go down your path to tweeting while others move this world forward~

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