Jackie Chan : Aches and Pain

Jackie Chan is undoubtedly a global icon. He is the king of action. Any person from any age group can give you a detailed description if ever questioned about the prolific martial arts performer. However, all this fame brought along with it ‘The Catalogue of Pain’ for Jackie Chan. He is known to perform his movie stunts all by himself with minimum aid from the movie crew and staff. Jackie Chan never encouraged a stunt-double for himself. And to prove this fact, he has a long record of broken bones in his entire filming career. In spite of all the pains and hurt, our hero has continued entertaining us and has succeeded in building a permanent place in our hearts.

His sensational film, Raising Dragon , in Japan did the magic by promoting the movie with a poster that gave details about all of Chan’s major injuries over the years. Also included in the poster were the names of the movies during whose shooting the actor encountered that particular injury.

Jackie Chan : Aches and Pain

We bring to you the list of major injuries along with the movie name and year during which it occurred.

  • Drunken Master (1978) :  He damaged his Supercilliary bone (eyebrow bone) during the intense shooting of a scene in this movie. It almost blinded him.

  • Young Master (1980), Project A (1983), Miracles (1989), Mr. Nice Guy (1997):  He ended up with the same injury in all these movies. A broken nose. Period. The injury wasn’t very critical at first; however recurring injury at same spot made it very difficult to recover for him.

  • The Armour of God (1986):  This movie gave Chan the chills of his lifetime. After reshooting for a scene, Jackie ended up landing on rocky rocks beneath him instead of holding on to a branch of tree. This mistake cost him heavily. He ended up with a fractured skull and blood oozing out from his ears. After emergency brain operation within 8 hours of the fall, Chan was doing fine even though now he has a permanent plastic plug in his head and partial hearing loss in right ear.

  • Police Story (1985): The spectacular in-film Police officer Jackie ended up damaging his spinal cord after falling off from a pole. Add to his misery, he even suffered from pelvis dislocation after falling from second floor while shooting the same film which almost caused permanent paralysis but he was saved in the nick of time.

  • Armour of God II, Operation Condor (1991): Jackie Chan falls on ground during the rope down on a chain. Thereby breaking his breast bone.

  • Project A (1983):  Jackie Chan fell flat from a 25 meter high clock tower, making direct contact with land and ending up with a cervical spine damage. After recuperating, surprisingly, he again fell off from the same tower and generated new consequences this time: broken nose and torn ligament in neck.

  • Crime Story (1993): He encountered a severe thigh injury after getting caught between two cars while shooting for a crime scene.

  • Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow (1978):  Hwang Jang Lee is a tremendous kicker. Jackie Chan found this out the hard way after he got accidentally kicked in his face by Lee. This mishap resulted in broken tooth.

In the same movie, he even ended up with bloody arm due to an error on sets. Instead of using a blunt sword, the opponent used sharp sword which resulted in cutting of his arm during the fighting scene. The movie directors didn’t cut this scene in the final movie as it shows real emotion of pain in Jackie.

  • City Hunter (1993): This movie made him break his knee. Though this was not the last time for it. Jackie has broken his knees so many times that it makes him wonder whether any cartilage is even left there or not. As a result, he is known to walk recently in a funny way because of the non-reversible nature of the damage.

And Jackie Chan went through a hell lot. However all the pain did end up giving him a sweet reward: unconditional love from his fans. His hardcore fans can be seen praising him in every corner of the world thanks to his miraculous acting skill and determined will to continue even after sustaining all these fatal injuries.

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