Is Red Wine The Best Drink Available From All?

The title is controversial in itself. People have argued for several years on which alcoholic drink is the best for health. After the arguments, most experts settled their thoughts on red wine considering its benefits for a human health. In the recent study that has been published in the Cancer Cell International journal, it has been reported that red wine can slow down the spread of lung cancer. This is one of the biggest achievements for an alcoholic drink on the health of a human.

According to the co-author Evangelia LitsaTsiani, a team was assigned the task to examine the impact of red wine on six culture plates. Each of these plates contained millions of human lung cancer cells. The experiment was performed as many as 4 times before the results were verified.

Tsiani also added that the plates had been mixed with wine and 60 percent inhibition of the other cells could be noticed in the experiment. In simple words, the red wine helped reduce the growth of the cancer cells. This effect was more common in red wine as compared to the white wine.

Is Red Wine The Best Drink Available From All?

Red Wine has existed in the market as a healthy wine for so many years now. Apart from the reduction of lung cancer chances, it also leaves a good effect on other areas of the human body reactions.

Here are some of them:

1. Red Wine promotes the condition of heart:

The resveratrol compound that is present in the red wine works as an anti-oxidant in order to curtail down the cholesterol levels of the human body and prevent the blockage of heart vessels.  Hence, the risk of developing a heart disease of diabetes reduces by a fair margin.

2. The risk of developing prostate cancer for men is also reduced:

According to a study, men who constantly drunk 7 glasses of red wine a week were less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer as compared to the ones who did not drink red wine at all.

3. Controlled consumption of red wine can keep the stress away:

Some people refer red wine as an anti-depressant too because it relaxes the nerves of a human.  Drinking a glass or two per day can help the person revive his day in happiness.

4. It cuts down the effect of eating large chunks of food:

In a study done at Harvard, it was found out that the people who ate heavy amount of food everyday can also live longer if they consume resveratrol.

5. Red Wine is a great accompaniment for food:

Usually people drink red wine while having dinner. It is the healthiest combination of eating Mediterranean food along with drinking red wine. Every night, the dinner shall start with a glass or two of red wine and then gulping it down with some healthy food. Some people even argue that red wine is no less than a magic bullet when it comes to the health of a human.

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