Is Kissing Your Pet a Good Idea or Risky?

It has always remained to be a mysterious question whether kissing your pet is safe or not. A lot of controversies have emerged in the veterinary industry regarding the same. Some people are totally against the motion and deny kissing their pets while some of them take it offensive if someone deters them from kissing their lovely pet.

Some time back, Dr Christina Winn reported in her cover piece of Veterinary economics that kissing pets is not a bad option. She was researching about the development of various communication techniques of pet owners with their loved creature. This study was designed to know the needs of the pets and about the ways in which the pet owners can take care of their pets. She was in favor of kissing the pets. However, she was proved wrong very soon by a lot of other experienced veterinarians including Dr. Tony Johnson who is the assistant professor at the critical care, “Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine”.

Is Kissing Your Pet a Good Idea or Risky?

There two way roads leading to this subject and it can be taken in two different ways. There was a segment about the same subject in the Good Morning America and it talked about the zoonotic diseases and the ones that may be transmitted from animals to the humans. It is understandable from this study that it is highly risky to actually kiss your pets. However, this advice is not followed by many of the pet owners and some ignore it outright. They are so much in love with their creature that it becomes difficult for them to avoid kissing him.

The last studies that had been carried out about the same subject suggested that bacteria can be transferred between the pets and people that could result in dental disease, but most people are not concerned about it and let their pets kiss them and lick them. However, if you know that the mouth if your pet is clean and where he has gone, it becomes way safer to kiss your pet. If your pets are in great health state doing brush regularly, it becomes easy to kiss them without the danger of acquiring some disease from them. While you are thinking of kissing an unknown dog on the street, you should be very careful and sometimes it can turn out to be a very bad idea.

In general, kissing pets is not a very good idea. It is not totally safe at all; the disease can be transmitted from them to you anytime. Ringworms are one of the deadly threats that can be posed by the closeness with dogs. A lot of cases have been registered when people got affected by furnomenon which was caused by them kissing a dog they did not know.

Let’s talk a lot more about the risks that are involved while kissing the pet.  After getting to study about the transfer of bacteria through the oral passage of dogs, we got to talk to Dr Richard E Besser who is a pediatrician and had been serving the US Centers for disease control and prevention. He is currently appointed as the ABC News Chief Health and medical editor. He was quite skeptic about the oral diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans. He stated that no such case of a zoonotic disease has been registered so far. He added that he does not fear and he does not hesitate to kiss his dogs even though he is studying about these diseases.

So, we conclude that it can be risky to kiss pets but it once in a blue moon that you get stuck with any disease. It does not cling on to you every time you kiss your pet and it also depends on the hygiene of your dog. Hence, if you love your pet so much, you should not hesitate to kiss him because not always the diseases hang on to you.

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