iPhone 6 Release Date, Price and Specs Rumors

The unparalleled success of iPhone 5 has compelled Apple to launch another device in this series. There were rumors that this device was iPhone 5S, but Apple has jumped directly to the manufacturing of iPhone 6. The market is full of rumors regarding this device. However, no official statement has been received from the company yet, but the rumors have hinted on the launch of this phone soon. With the introduction of  iPhone 6, a lot of new features and softwares will be unraveled by the US based phone maker.  The experts have their eyes set on the launch of this phone as it is expected to revolutionize the market with the introduction of its new operating system.

iphone 6

Here are some of the leaked features and specs of iPhone 6:


However, no official statement has been received by the US based phone maker, but the rumors are strong about the launch of this phone next year. However, there were speculations that the next phone launched by Apple would be iPhone 5S, but this news had been ridiculed by the top officials of Apple, and since there will be new software and other new features studded in iPhone 6, it will take time to be launched and the experts believe it to come in the market by the beginning of the next year.


iOS 7:

The introduction of IOS 7 is the major reason why iPhone 6 has become the most awaited phone of the year. The rumors suggest that Apple will introduce the users to IOS 7 software with the launch of iPhone 6. The launch of IOS 5 marked the release of some disastrous apps like Apple Maps and considering the competition with Android and other OS, IOS 5 was lagging behind a great deal. The introduction of IOS 7 will take this OS in direct competition with the other operating systems available in the market.


The roar concerning the launch of IOS 7 will definitely affect the sales of this phone at the market. There is no doubt in claiming this phone to be one of the best selling phones in the next year scenario.


The US based phone maker has the reputation of making good quality screens for their phone. iPhone 6 seems to be no different and it will come with a retina display as promised by Apple. In order to match shoes with the growing competition in the market, Apple would not just move to HD resolution but it will increase the size of the screen so that the picture quality improves.


Apple has been making news for announcing a larger screen for iPhone 6. It will surely possess a larger screen than its predecessors.


The most incredible tool of iPhone 6 is its camera. All the iPhone manufactured by Apple are known for their incredible camera quality and iPhone 6 will be no different. iPhone 5 had earned a bad name in the market for its inability to meet the camera incredibility of Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One. However, iPhone 6 is expected to wash away these facts by launching a better camera than its predecessor.

It has moved to a 12 megapixel sensor which will be better than the 8 megapixel camera resolution of iPhone 5. The snapping capacity of this phone has been discussed widely in the market and we expect it to ride the market by storm pertaining to its camera quality.


The storage capacity of iPhone 6 will go grades higher than its predecessor. The top model is expected to come in the 128 GB variant. The prediction by Misek has proved that iPhone 6 will have more storage capacity than its earlier versions.

This has emerged out to be good news for the customers as they had always been demanding the launch of a device with better storage space.


To predict which processor will be featured in the next version of iPhone is quite difficult. Although, if the reports are to be believed, Apple will incorporate ARM’s big little architecture inside this phone. The incredibility of this software is that it enables the processor to consume less power so that the battery is saved for longer operational hours.

iPhone 5 consisted of dual processor; however the working of this phone was very smooth despite of the dual cores present in the phone. There are rumors that iPhone 6 might come with dual cores mounted on the octa core processor.


The specialty of Apple is that the price of its phones never increases. It releases next versions with the same price. Therefore, despite of the incredibility that has been rumored about iPhone 6, we will not have to spend a fortune to buy it.  It is expected to sell the 32 GB variant for 529 pounds, 64 GB model for 599 pounds and the 128 GB model for 699 pounds.

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