iOS 7 Release Date, Features, News And Rumors

The last few updates of iOS were quite weak and endorsed a very few features. The last few versions of iOS featured the same user interface with a little changes, this brought a big upset for its fans who were expecting some change rather than the monotonous series of same interface. Thus, they did not receive a positive acclaim from the market critics. Apple had been suffering at the hands of experts because of negative reviews. Thus, the top management of Apple grouped together to bring out the best of their work in the face of iOS 7.

Apple had been losing its shape after the death of Steve Jobs and the transition of IOS 5 to iOS 6 brought no significant changes to the operating system. However, there is a new ray of hope among the users after the announcement of iOS 7, since it possesses some exquisite features in it.

iOS 7 Release Date, Features, News And Rumors

The new operating system of Apple has made way for features like Control Center, Airdrop for iOS and better multi-tasking ability. The work is performed in a fast and efficient manner using this operating system. The feel of Apple is quite the same but since the apps have a revolutionized look, it gives the users more reasons to rejoice.

Some of the key features of this OS are:

  1. Several apps can be run without any hassles. Tapping the home button twice previews the screens where apps are running. It makes a fruitful environment where people can perform multi-tasking to good effect.

  2. The snapping capacity of the camera will be upgraded to higher standards. The user will be able pick filters and preview the effects before clicking the picture. This would encourage a revolutionary change in the snapping culture in smartphones.

  3. The Airdrop feature is one of the most popular features of iOS 7 operating system. This feature enhances sharing of files between users through the tap of share button. Simply clicking on the share button and then selecting the person to share the files facilitates a smooth transfer of files from one phone to another.

  4. The parallax effect is a revolutionary feature present in iOS 7 and is expected to ride the market by its storm.

  5. iTunes has also renovated its interface and users will be able to get more out of this app in the new OS.

  6. Safari browser has gone through some interesting changes as well.

  7. Automatic app update enables the user to stay upgraded with the apps installed on the phone.

  8. The availability of custom dictionaries in languages like Chinese-English, Italian, Korean and Dutch make iOS 7 more special.

  9. The new software of Siri has undergone a modified interface and the users are excited to use the new version of this great software.

iOS 7 will be highly compatible with almost all the iPhones available in the market like iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. The other devices like iPad 2 and iPad mini will also support iOS 7 to a great magnitude.

iOS 7 Release Date, Features, News And Rumors


iOS 7 Release Date:

The iOS 7 update for iPhone and iPad is expected to arrive in the same time as the history of Apple products dictate. September is likely to mark the introduction and launch of iPhone 5S and the iOS 7 update could be released in the same time. Thus, if the rumors and speculations are to be believed, we can expect the iOS 7 update to hit the markets by September of 2013.

iOS 7: Final Verdict:

This new operating system of Apple has created a huge roar in the market because of its exquisite features in line. It has been anticipated to be one of the best OS update of Apple in the last few years. The unsatisfactory performance of earlier versions of iOS is expected to be covered with the incredible performance of this new OS. We will have to wait and see how this OS performs in the market.

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