If God Made Us, Then Who Made God?

This is one of the most intriguing and common questions that pop up in everyone’s mind while making guesses about the creator of God. Every person has a different point of view regarding this topic. Different religion has different approach to the subject. The Christians may say it according to the Bible and the belief of their religious leaders. On the other hand, Islamic people and people belonging to other communities can mould this fact pertaining to their religion preference.

If God Made Us, Then Who Made God?

We will discuss some facts regarding the creation of God as mentioned in the Holy Bible. It tells us that God was active even before he created this whole Universe for us.  It is believed that God created time and then the other aspects of the Universe.

Here are some facts:

1. The secret wisdom of God is hidden and the God was destined for our glory before the start of time.

2. Christ Jesus was given the responsibility to create the humankind before the time scale began.

3. The hope of eternal life was promised by God before the time aspect of Universe began.

These facts testify the facts mentioned in the Bible about mankind and its creation.

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