Ice Creams And Traits: Know Your Personality With Your Favorite Scoop

Did you know that a person’s favorite ice cream can be a secret indication to the person’s personality? Zodiac horoscope is so old fashioned, ice cream based personality quirks is the new way to go. And we are just not making this personality thing up.  Baskin-Robbins, perhaps the largest chain of ice cream shops in the world collaborated with Dr. Alan Hirsch who is a nationally recognized expert on smell and taste & also happens to be the founder of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation. What’s more, this happened in celebration of National Ice Cream Month. According to the results of the study, a person’s personal favorite ice cream flavor reveals much about their personality.

1. Do you love Chocolate Chip Cookie? Supposedly you’re more ambitious, competitive and also a visionary.
Chocolate Chip Cookie
2. If you like to eat Banana ice cream (I have no idea where you get them), you are sort of a perfectionist; easy going, empathetic, generous, well adjusted &honest.
Banana ice cream
3. Old boring Vanilla doesn’t really make you boring. You actually happen to be quite impulsive & easily suggestible. Oh and also an idealist (no idea how the last trait fits with the other two).
4. The classic Strawberry! Sadly this doesn’t mean you are colorful like the ice cream. You’re more likely a tolerant, devoted & introvert person.
classic Strawberry Ice cream
5. Do you love being adventurous? If Mint Chocolate Chip is for you, than you are surprisingly quite cautious, frugal & argumentative.
Mint Chocolate Chip
6. Who doesn’t love Rocky Road? Even Joe Hardy happens to be a loyal fan. Anyways, this flavor suggests an engaging yet aggressive behavior. Yet at the same time, you’re a good listener.
Rocky Road
7. If your favorite is Chocolate, you’re oh so dramatic, gullible, lively and flirtatious, seductive &charming. Explains all the chocolate ads.
Cold Chocolate Ice Cream
8. Have a soft spot for Pralines ‘n Cream. Than you happen to be supportive & loving but prefer to avoid the limelight.
Pralines ‘n Cream
9. If Chocolate Chip is your way to go, competence & generosity is your trait. And also a go getter.
Chocolate Chip ice cream
10. If you like a bit more of a daring taste to your ice cream, like Coffee than you might be conscientious, scrupulous and a total moral perfectionist.
Mocha Chip Ice Cream
11. Never heard of this ice cream, but if you happen to crave this secret Rainbow Sherbet flavor, than contrary to the name, you happen to be a pessimist. Which is so confusing. Also, you are quite analytic & decisive.
Rainbow Sherbet flavor
12. Butter pecan your life? Then orderly, careful, perfectionist, detail-oriented and fiscally conservative you are.
butter pecan ice cream

So next time you go out to buy those desserts for a party, just remember their traits and you’ll end up buying their favorite flavors for them! Hopefully. And try not to share why you bought what for whom; rocky road & mint chocolate chip lovers might think you are taking a swing at them, metamorphic-ally.

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