Science has advanced double fold and it has proved that the humans possessed a tail in the past. It has also proved that because of inefficiency of teeth in the future, humans will possess a beak. This beak would resemble the beak of a bird. Some scientists have come to the conclusion that human race will not be able to maintain the teeth strength in the future and it could lead to the development of beak in front of their face. This will happen because of the inactivity of teeth. Such teeth would not be available for the consumption of food items.

This research has been made by the scholars of Sheffield University. They have researched the fact that in future, the human race would possess unusual features in their body because of the inefficiency of some of the parts. Beak is also a part of this discovery. For this study, the scientists have taken the case of puffer-fish, which tears apart the prey with the help of its beak. Sea animals like crab and hard sea animals can be easily torn apart by this fish.

Human Evolution : Will Humans sport a Beak in the Future?

The important scientist Doctor Gerath Frazer said that a beak is physically strong and more behavioral. Another study in the Sheffield College has proved that humans will possess an ample of teeth in the mouth. If one of the teeth is misplaced from one place, a new one can replace it. However, these teeth will not have any bone attached to them. There will be some tissues present in the human body that will catalyze the production of new teeth in the mouth of humans.  The revelation of Beak theory has shocked everyone and more efforts are being laid in order to reach the gist of the story.

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