Hugh Jackman Quite Sure About Wolverine Sequel To Be His Last “X-Men” Outing

Hugh Jackman has become a very common face in Hollywood and popularly known to be portraying roles in the X Men series. He is however heard as saying that “Wolverine” sequel might turn out to be his last outing for the X Men series. When he was interviewed by journalists of SFX magazine, he was quoted as saying “I am quite ambitious for the character in the film and we resurrected the ship with the last film. However, we can see some way to go further still”. Hugh Jackman said that he was 99.9 percent sure that Wolverine sequel will turn out to be his last X men series film. He confirmed to the fans that if ever there would be another sequel, this is it.

Jackman likes working with the director James Mangold and he is trying to convince him for making another sequel. In this context, Hugh Jackman visited Japan where he met the director. He still hopes that things will work out and they would produce another sequel to the blockbuster series. Jackman stated that he is excited to be a part of the next sequel, if there would be any but he has not signed any project yet. He also said that the new sequel has to bet better than the last one and if it fails to be so; he will not do it.

Hugh Jackman Quite Sure About Wolverine Sequel To Be His Last “X-Men” Outing

In November, 20th Century Fox came out with the announcement that Mangold started jotting down the treatment but the plot had not been revealed. Based on the interview of Hugh Jackman, the chances of the another sequel to roll out are very thin. There is a great fan base of X Men series existing in the world and the producers are ambitious about the sequel but nothing is able to materialize it seems. However, it is a great setback for the fans who always wait for the sequels of the X Men series.

Hugh Jackman said in the interview that he would turn it into a unique visual palette this time around. The makers are on the lookout for diverse stories but nothing has been materialized yet. However, Hugh Jackman confirmed that the filmmakers are trying their best to figure something out and come out with another sequel.

“The Wolverine” was released last year and it made a thumping business of 414.8 million dollars around the world. Therefore, there was a bigger possibility that the producers would roll out another sequel to it. X-Men series has been very productive for the film-makers so far. Bryan Singer’s “X-Men: Apocalypse” is looking to come out in the market in the year 2016. According to the reports, Jackman cannot commit his whole career to X-Men but the fans are still hoping for the actor to don their favorite character. The actor has also come out in positive tone and suggested the fans that if he likes the story, he would do the sequel for sure.

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