How To Wear Jewelry: A Beginner’s Guide To The Dos And Don’ts Of Fashion Jewelry

Fashion jewelry has gained much popularity over the years. The choices are endless and you can always get the right match for your outfit and needs. However, wearing fashionable jewelry can be overwhelming for beginners. Nonetheless, you have to get it right and avoid the common blunders that many people make. Do you want to do this right?

Here’s a beginner’s guide to the Dos and don’ts of fashion jewelry.

The Dos

1. Invest In Quality Pieces

Quality jewelry lasts long and will help you achieve that stunning look. Such pieces come in different styles, colors and designs, and you can get them at Moonglow Jewelry. The trick lies in the selection, though! Only go for what matches your outfit and blend in the colors right.

2. Choose The Right Fit

Fit is king when it comes to fashion jewelry! With time your jewelry may feel loose due to loss in weight or other factors. A loose ring could easily fall and get lost while doing your day-to-day activities. Also, a too-tight piece will cut your blood circulation and will feel uncomfortable. Avoid that by buying a quality moon ring that fits perfectly.

 3. Wear Fashion Jewelry That Compliments Your Outfit

Choose fashion jewelry that compliments your style for a specific occasion. Pick a piece that matches the entire look and adds more elegance. You can add a pop of styles and moon bracelet colors that match your outfit.

Additionally, wear fashion jewelry that reflects your style. If you’re in the mood for something sparkly, go for moon phases earrings or a necklace. You can choose any wear that reflects your style and sense of fashion.

4. Keep It Clean!

moonstone bracelet is a stylish piece to add to your look and enhance your outfit. But with time, it might get dirty or stained, which can ruin its appearance. Gently clean the piece to prevent dirt build-up, and follow the cleaning guidelines.


Wearing Too Much Jewelry At Once

Wearing too much jewelry at once will complicate your outfit. The pieces won’t match your personality and style. You should start with one statement piece of jewelry and build your look around it.

  • Don’t wear jewelry that’s not age-appropriate

Wearing fashion jewelry makes the pieces seem inappropriate and can ruin your entire outfit.

  • Sleeping in your jewelry

If you sleep in your jewels, you may end up bending the jewelry, snapping chains, or getting your necklace caught on clothing and blankets.

  • Buying trendy pieces that go out of style quickly

Though it’s great to have the latest fashion jewelry, the pieces go out of style quickly. Such pieces of jewelry won’t express your individuality, character, and style. You can avoid that by investing in classic and timeless pieces, you’ll wear at all times.


Jewelry is the first thing people will see when you step out. When done right, you will pull a stunning look and leave heads turning! However, beginners make many mistakes and ruin their wear and look. Don’t make blunders! Do it like a pro by observing the above dos and don’ts.