How to Use New Facebook Hashtags?

The tool that gained high popularity on Twitter, the hashtags has been debuted recently on Facebook. Hashtags were used often on platforms like twitter and even instagram and Facebook is the new entrant in this category. However, the hashtags could not be used as a search tool on the previous platforms. The striking point about hashtags in Facebook is that the user can make search using hashtags.

Facebook has introduced the tool where people can click on hashtags. In the above picture, an illustration is featured showing how the hashtags will look like. Using the hashtag, people may also follow all the related news to NBA. When the Facebook user adds a hashtagged word, it becomes available to the other people also and they can utilize the hashtag as a search tool. The hashtag phrase implies to a couple of words stuck together. While the person uses hashtags, he will be equipped with a list of people who are already using the same hashtags.

Facebook Hashtags

The concept behind a hashtag is that it involves more people in conversation and helps them to know what other users are following. For example, a user is viewing “Oprah Winfrey Show”, he may add a hashtag at the end of the post. By doing this, he enables the other users on Facebook to see what he is following. It can light up a discussion between a set of users, which is good for social networking.

Here are some of the ways by which the user can create, click or search for the hashtags:

1. Creating a hashtag : 

Creating a hashtag is the easiest process in Facebook. It can be done by putting# ahead of the word, phrase or acronym. The tag appears in bold letters when the user creates a hashtag for it. It appears as bold in the status update box.

Creating a hashtag on Facebook

However, the system of hashtags is quite simple and can be over-used at times. In order to check out the trending hashtags, there are a few websites dedicated to it. In case the user creates trending hashtags, there are more chances of the tag to be read.

2. Click your hashtag :

Once the post is update in the status box, the user can click on the tag to check out what the others have to comment on the hashtag. Sometimes, clicking on hastags brings out feeds from some people that we hardly know. In case the user wants to add a similar hashtag to his status, he can easily do it by clicking on the status bar.

Click your hashtag

3. Search for hashtags :

The best part about creating hashtags on Facebook is that the user can easily track or locate the hashtag that he wants to use. Thus, it allows the user to get an access to feeds even though the user is not has not used the tag previously. The tag of user’s choice can be typed in the search box, for example, #dogs, and then he is required to tap the page with label, hashtag. This facilitates the opening of same feed for related posts.

Conclusion : 

In simple words, hashtags are means to sparkle discussion about subjects that are pinned down with hashtags on Facebook. The spokesperson of Facebook, Greg Lindey has stated that there has never been a platform where people can know about happenings on such a larger scale in a hassle free manner.

According to the advertising company, RadiumOne, the presence of hashtags will improve the fortunes of Facebook in the future. This decision has been taken as an innovative move by Facebook. The search option embedded in Facebook hashtags sets it apart from the other hashtag features on different platforms like twitter and instagram. However, it will be too soon to jump up to any decision but if the speculations are to be believed, there is a huge roar in the market regarding the same.

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