Social media is not only limited to socializing with friends, it has bigger boundaries instead. Facebook, a popular social media destination has become a regular need of the internet user. There are various tasks that can be performed with the help of this social media platform. The businesses can be maintained through Facebook, meetings can be affixed through this social media and the mere socializing can also be performed using Facebook.

Imagine a situation when you have to check the Facebook PM in order to know the time of your meeting with the close friend. If you are sitting in your school for that moment and it does not allow the operations of Facebook in the premises, it can become quite frustrating for the user. Apart from educational institutions, some offices also discourage the use of Facebook as they maintain the dilemma that social media can disrupt the working potential of an employee. YouTube is also included in the list of discouraged websites in offices and schools. In some situations when there is an acute need of these blocked websites, the user needs some website using which he can unblock Facebook and YouTube operations on his computer.

How to Unblock Facebook and YouTube on a Computer in Two Seconds

For unblocking Facebook and YouTube, “Unblock Facebook” ( comes out as a savior for the user. It is a free proxy that enables the user to unblock Facebook, YouTube and MySpace apps in his computer. It is most useful in situations when the user is not able to operate these websites because of the blocked domain. Adding to the fact, “Unblock Facebook” ensures that the user browses the blocked page securely without any leak of info. The unblocking of websites like Facebook, YouTube and MySpace can be affected in just 2 seconds using “Unblock Facebook”(

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