How To Stop Cruelty Against Animals

Animal cruelty is commonly seen today even at those places where it is strictly prohibited. Although numerous rules have been made to stop animal cruelty but they are not implemented in an effective manner. Every year,  big amount of animals including cats, dogs and other wild animals are abused or victimized. Animal cruelty is like people hurting animals physically. It is also in the form of malnutrition when people do not fed their pets. Good and fast to stop this abuse is to report it instantly at the time when you saw this. Here are things you can do to prevent this abusive activity.

Stop Cruelty Against Animals

Be aware:- Keep your eyes and ears open as humane society or animal shelter clubs would not know about these instances if you will not report them. This is certainly a positive indicator of this abusive thing.

Learn to distinguish the animal cruelty:- An animal on which cruelty has been done must have signs on its body like wounds, patches of missing hair. They may be extremely thin. Dogs left chained without food and water is also an abusive act. Animals hit by a vehicle and is not taken to doctor by the culprit is also a neglectful act. These all the major forms of animal cruelty.

Opt for some proactive measures to stop this abusive act:– Write or call your nearby law enforcement and let them know that investigating animal cruelty that may take place in or around them. Write letters or applications to legislatures in order to make their hard rules a tough penalties. Strict punishments should be given to people who deals with animal cruelty. Support your near by animal rescue organizations.

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