How To Pick A Perfect Bra For You

Bra is one of the most pivotal clothing in a girl’s wardrobe. It is extremely important to wear the right size since it is a delicate part of a woman’s body.

You might have been pretty sure of the bra size that fits you, but according to the recent research conducted by Triumph, a Swiss lingerie company, almost 64 percent of the women wear the wrong bra size.

This survey was conducted among 100,000 women. Out of these women, 29 percent of them already know that they are wearing the wrong bra size and keep walking in swagger un-tinted.

Now you must be thinking you’re not one of those 100,000 but you never know. It is always better to know and understand the right bra size for you as opposed to wearing the wrong size.

A poor fitting of bra can ruin the entire day for a woman and it is quite true where comfort is concerned. It is a shame that so many women still wear the wrong size considering the fact that they can go for a free fitting at their lingerie.

The major problem exists in the selection of brands and not all of them offer the same range in the sizes. Due to this, you may not get the size that you require.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, many women are filling their wallets and bra-shopping in order to impress their lover with new lingerie.

However, before visiting a lingerie store and making a selection on the appropriate size of the bra, try out some tips in this article.

How To Pick A Perfect Bra For You
We consulted Jene Luciani, a bra expert, on how to select the right bra. She is the author of the “The Bra Book” and has shared with us her opinion about the right bra sizes and the common mistakes committed by women while going for the bra-shopping.
Here are some of the questions and answers exchanged with her:

“Are 64 percent of the women wearing the wrong bra size?”

Well, according to the research done, the number of women wearing the wrong bra sizes exceeds 85-90 percent. The most common problem that is faced by women shopping for a bra is that these fitters are no aware of what they are doing at the store. There is no personal attention or advice from them which makes the case even worse. The main motive of the fitters is to upsell the quantity and make sure that the fallback of customers is good.

Bra selection is a very interesting subject and therefore the women must be extremely informed before making a selection.

“How can you make out if someone is wearing the wrong size of bra?”

The determining factor remains to be the underwire. It should not ride up or dig into the breast tissue. If that’s the case, you are definitely wearing the wrong bra size. “”If the bra rides up the breasts, it also means that you are in need of a bigger cup size and the band size should also be bigger.

The center piece between the two cups is called the bridge and it should stay flushed between your rib cage. If the bridge is shifting its focus away from the body, a larger cup size is needed.

A different style of bra can also be another resort to this situation.

“Are there some styles of bras in the market that suit different shape and size of breasts?”

Yes there are. Most of the women prefer a typical size and style of bra but it is very important to be open with all the styles that are available.

The major criteria should not be about looking for the favorite style but for the right style that suits your breast size. Women who have heavy breasts do not go for push-up T shirt bra because it makes them look even bigger.

Women who possess breasts in full range at the bottom do not require any push support bra to make them look bigger. However, in some cases, they might require a lace style of bra that consists of an underwire in contrast to the molded cup T-shirt bra, which will give them more cleavage at the top.

Mastering selection of the right bra size and style comes with experience.

“Usually the bras that are expensive are given the best tag, so is it possible to find some good quality budget bras?”

The biggest advice I could give in such a situation is to visit a bra store that has large variety. Marshalls and T.J.Maxx are some of the stores that keep high quality stuff at incredibly low prices.

When it comes to bras, the more you pay the better the quality is. Therefore in terms of bras, you should not compromise on the quality. You can find bras on a budgeted note without the compromise on quality. Such bras can be rid off without regrets after a year because of wear and tear.

“How tight should the bra band be and which hook type is good?”

The middle hook is ideal for women because when periods come, the breast size becomes a little tender and sensitive; and in such cases, you can switch it to the loosest hook. On the other hand, if your bra is stretching out and it’s too early to toss it out, try hooking with the tightest option.

“What does it mean if the bra band rides up from the back?”

It points to several things at once. The very well-endowed women with bigger breasts will be able to feel the band because of the weight of their

On the other hand, it also means that the band you are wearing is too loose for you. When the band fits your body perfectly, it should stay horizontal on your back and not bunch up.

The straps should be checked and adjusted properly so the band will not can ride up behind the back.

“Tell us more about straps. What if they fall down or dig down?”

The straps get stretched out mostly due to it being stretched out by tumbling dry or spinning in the washing machine, or because of the band size being too big. When a strap is digging in into the flesh, an adjustment is needed to loosen the strap. In such cases, the cushion straps can be a worthy pick.

“The size 34C is considered to be the same as that of 36B. Is it right?”

Typically, the basis of measuring a bra size is dependent on its volume. This is the reason why there is a number tangled with a letter to describe the bra size. These two indicators are not independent entities when it comes to measuring the bra size.

When the band size is decreased and the cup size is increased, you might end up with the same size bra.

However, the consistency in terms of fit models varies with brands. Therefore, at times people find out five different sizes in five different styles/brands of bras. The perfection comes with the trial and error method at the stores.

“How many times should bra be washed??”

It is important to wash your bras on a daily basis because the oil and dirt from your skin can loosen up the elastic of the fabric causing them to wear out much quicker.

“When do you know that the bra has been worn out and a new bra is needed?”

There are ample of signs that indicate the wear and tear of a bra. If the cups and straps are stretched out, and tearing or shredding becomes common, it is time to replace your bra with new one. The “automatic” bending of underwire is another indicator that your bra need to be replaced immediately.

With time and experience it would be easier to identify the ‘health’ and condition of a bra.

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