How to make Green Tea at Home for Weight Loss

The green tea recipe for weight loss is really simple and has just a few common ingredients that have been also found to aid weight loss and are easily available in all household kitchens. Before knowing the green tea making procedure, let us first have a quick glance on the ingredients required. Any normal green tea making recipe will have the following:
How to make Green Tea at Home for Weight Loss
Green Tea – 2 gms
Natural Honey – 1 teaspoon
Fresh Cut Lemon – 01 no.
Whereas the ingredients are quite simple, there are a few technicalities involved in making the perfect cup of green tea, Some people also find the taste of green tea somewhat unappealing, especially when compared to the normal black tea, but there certainly are a few tried and tested tips to make the green tea taste better which are simple and effective if carefully followed. If we were to draw out a list of top green tea making tips, these will be following:
1) The water used should be fresh, at room temperature and not previously boiled.
2) The tea should preferably be measured by weight on a kitchen scale, since owing to the different sizes of tea leaves available, a teaspoon measurement might not be accurate or consistent.
3) The honey used should preferably be organic and natural
4) The lemon should also preferably be organic, but certainly fresh and at room temperature.
Now that we actually have the home made green tea recipe and some tea tricks up our sleeves, let us discuss the correct method to brew the tea to draw out maximum green tea benefits out of our cup of tea:
1) Boil the water, it should just start boiling and not have achieved a full rolling boil, In fact water should be at a temperature of around 160- 180 F or between 76 to 82 C. If the water is boiled any more , it can burn the delicate tea leaves on contact and turn it bitter and draw astringency
2) Put the tea leaves in a previously hot water rinsed pot , pour the hot water , cover and infuse from between 2-3 minutes based on the strength required. This timing is crucial, so be careful.
3) Strain the tea liquor in the tea cup. Add the honey and squeeze the fresh lemon juice, taking care not to include the seeds. Stir slowly once or twice.
4) Enjoy your Green Tea. In some studies it has been found that it is best to have green tea between meals and not on an empty stomach.

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