How to make a very simple robot at home

If you are scientifically minded then robots are the one of the superb thing in the world to you. It is actually a procedure of making a living creature with machines. Its  really a mesmerizing experience and actually like an achievement in the world. Below are some supplies and other friendly guidance which will enable you to make a robot toy by using some electronic skills.

very simple robot

1. Preparation :- For this, you require a toothbrush, double sided strips which need to be sticky, motor of pager or cell phone and a button battery. Snip or shear off the toothbrush so that just a half inch of neck remains left. The head should be stable evenly over the bristles without tipping towards backward direction. Put a strip of that sticky tape across the toothbrush as per the length of its head and make sure that it may stand in a securing manner.

2- Propulsion :- Carefully place the motor down over that sticky tape with facing forward and make sure the motor is placed in between the center. Put one of the motor’s wires in a flat mode over that sticky tape. Leave that exposed metal at the end of the button battery.

3- Power :- Stick or glued the button battery to the sticky tape with firmness. This will start a connection between battery and motor which only needs the touch of another wire to execute the robot.

4- Prestige :- Bend the another wire down to create a link between battery and motor and the robot toy will vibrates. Set that downs over bristles over a smooth surface.  To make it shut off, just  pick it and bend the upper side wire away from battery

These are the ways to make  a robot. Read them and try your hands over them.

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