How To Make A Perfume Scent Last Longer

This is the major issue that most people face these days. The beauty products that are expensive also expire quickly. It is a hard fact to use these beauty products at a faster pace, knowing that they have cost you a fortune. The face creams turn yellow and chalky after a year of usage and the perfumes start smelling tacky. This is not the only concern but the make start wearing off while going for the office and it turns out to be very embarrassing. Sue Phillips, the president of Scenterprises was consulted for the same issues. He also threw some light over the issue of fragrance loss in perfumes over the time.

He stated that the long lasting perfumes are the ones that are made with citrus, green and floral flavors. They tend to be brighter than the woody perfumes. If you see the words like “spicy” and “oriental” in the description slip of the perfume, grab the bottle without even thinking because these perfumes would last longer than the usual perfumes.

How To Make A Perfume Scent Last Longer

How to make a perfume last longer:

The fragrance stays longer when it comes to the moisturized skin and hence you must not use the scented moisturizer to begin with. In case you apply the scented perfume first, it can collide with the perfume that you are using. The non scented body oil or something similar shall be applied on your skin before applying the fragrance.

How and where to spray the perfume:

The best places to spray your perfume are your ankles, the place behind your knees, the crooks of elbows, and the cleavage and also on the nape of the neck. The pulse points are responsible for generating heat and they diffuse the fragrance effectively. This is the reason why the mentioned areas are more effective when it comes to applying fragrance.

Which is the best place to store your perfume?

You should store the perfume in a cool and dark place. It should be kept away from humid conditions and also from the sun. There is a common belief that the perfumes shall be kept in refrigerator or near the air conditioner. However, it can backfire if kept at any of the mentioned places. The oils tend to get distorted in case they are kept open to rigorous heat or cold. The user also has to make sure that the lid on the top of the perfume is stronger and there is no oxidization taking place from it.

How to adjudge the expiry date of the perfume:

It is very easy to judge the expiration date of the perfume. When the perfume starts getting darker and more syrupy, it is a sign that the perfume is wearing out. The ingredients like vanilla and oakmoss have been lost and as a result, the perfume has got stronger. It is similar to the wine when it is opened. Ask for some testers when you go to a perfume store next time and compare it with the new bottle and you would find a stark difference. Hence, when your perfume starts getting syrupy and looks dense like a wine, it is time to look for a new perfume and get the older perfume away.

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