How To Make A Human Pyramid

Since ages, the pyramids have been seen as a wonder or a mysterious thing in the world. If talk about human pyramid, then it is really hard to make  a one. It is actually a type of formation in which individuals stand or bow together in a formation along with making a base for the another individual to stand on their shoulders.

human pyramid

1- If the individuals get stand up, then that is called human tower. On that small group of people started getting added and each group is supported by the group below them. Participants that are light in nature get placed at the top of that formation whereas stronger individuals form the base of formation.

2- These human pyramids are created or formed by cheerleaders. Recruit atleast 5 cheerleaders in order to create this pyramid and include 2 adults. Make sure that members included into these pyramids must be of same gender like girls with girls and boys with boys.

3-  Put the taller students at the top of formation as they will definitely be the strongest part of that formation and furthermore, they will make pyramid look more organized and well defined.

4- Put the 2 tallest individuals at the middle up above those earlier taller ones. The earlier six would not require this much help but still if any problem arises, then these middle ones can recover that problem.

5- Make 2 adults help the entire group and moreover they can carefully spot out the toppers. They can have a keen eye over the falling problem if it may occurs.

6- Encourage the small team members and make them maintain a serious behavior so that on the shoulders on the others, they may stand in a safe and a presentable manner with the assistance of adults.

7- Build confidence and make them learn that keep a strong balance which may prevent them being fall down or being hurt from a really high position. Make them know how they need to maintain their body in order to make pyramid stand in a presentable manner.

8- You must have heard that practice makes a man perfect. Before the final day, do lots of practice in order to get perfection in your work so that on that final day, you can easily do things in an accurate manner.

Here you go to see live human pyramid formation in action.


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