How to get rid of Bad Dog Breath Fast?

Dogs are the most favored pets around the world. They make a good pet by keeping a view on the suspicious activities surrounding the owner’s house and he also makes sure of the rightful approach of people towards its owner. However, the only drawback that poses while owning a dog is his unbearable bad breath. In most of the cases, this is the case. Somehow, there are a few techniques using which this problem can be sorted for good. Before diving into the solution of the problem, we have to figure out the nature of it and what causes it:

Here are some of the causes of this bad breath problem:

1. Periodontal disease:

This is the most commonly occurring cause for bad breath in pets. This is a form of disease in dogs that surfaces in them after the age of 3. 80 percent of the dogs develop this disease by default. Cats are also struck by this disease as their age passes on. Once this disease is endorsed by a dog, he develops a bad odor. The reason for this offensive odor is the bacterium that turns out as plaque and it leads way for gingivitis, which is inevitably irritating for any dog. With time, the periodontal disease develops more and more bacteria come to work. Periodontal disease can be deadly as it can cause tooth loss and other problems in the heart and kidney of dogs.

2. Teething:

This problem persists mainly in pups and kittens in a very small age. This problem does not stay for long and goes away in a matter of months. It happens due to the residence of bacteria at the gumline while baby teeth force their way out in baby pups. Teething can cause a stinking odor which can sometimes be unbearable.

3. Oral problems:

The oral passage is prone to developing many diseases that can cause bad odor in dogs. Some of these diseases include stomatitis. This is a problem where an acute pain is felt by the dog around gums and other mouth organs. It leads to the development of gingival hyperplasia, which creates a gap and bumps in which bacteria can reside in the mouth of the dog. This can cause an unbearable smell coming out of the mouth of the dog.

4. Intestinal disease:

In case any of these organs such as esophagus, stomach or intestines are sick because of some reason, they can cause the dog to release a very bad breath. However, this is usually not the very common reason for bad breath in case of dogs.

5. Problem in metabolism:

There are some diseases that adversely affect the metabolism of a person and also release some unwanted toxins in the body that are responsible for imparting a bad breath to the dog. One of such diseases that impact the metabolism of a person is the kidney disease. In this disease, the dog develops a stage called uremia, where he develops a characteristic of bad breath.

How to cure bad breath for Dogs at home:

After discussing the reasons and cause for the bad breath, we jump to the cure and solution for such bad breath problems occurring in dogs. It can be healed and cured at home too, some of those solutions are:


1. Brush the teeth of your dog:

It is important to keep the teeth off your dog clean. It applies for cats as well. Their training should be made in such a way that they become ready for a brush every morning. This can lie as a daily/weekly routine but it should be followed with utmost obedience

2. Reducing the plaque:

Such a treatment can be done at home without the help of a veterinarian. However, the accuracy might not be spot on, but it could help reduce the odor to a certain extent.

3. Use of Water Additives:

Water additives are supposed to take the bad breath out of your pet but their existence and the efficiency has always been questioned by the medical authorities. Hence, you must consult a veterinarian before coming to a conclusion for using such additives for your dog.

How a Veterinarian can help remove bad breath of a dog:

Veterinarians are the best friends to any pet. They are the saviors and provide right treatment for almost every problem that a pet faces. In case of bad breath too, the owners should consult a veterinarian. He can prove to be a useful resource for eliminating the problem from the pet. Here are some of the solutions that the veterinarian may apply on the dog:


1. Knowing the previous history of the dog’s problem:

The inquiry into the problem starts with inquiring the history and nature of the problem by the dog’s owners. This helps them to understand the pattern of the problem faced by the dog and bring out a solution thereby.

2. Physically examining the dog:

This is also an important chapter of curing the bad breath problem existing in the dog. A physical examination not only makes sure of the current state of the dog’s body but also helps the veterinarian in examining the levels of bad breath that they are dealing with.

3. Anesthetic evaluation:

Since dogs are impatient animals and doing a cavity assessment without the use of anesthesia can prove to be a big headache for the veterinarian. Hence, the pet is sedated before each and every tooth is carefully examined by the doctor and after the proper X-Rays are taken by the doctor, he reaches out to the core of the problem faced by the dog and prepares for an immediate improvement/solution for the same.

4. Dental cleaning:

This is very important when it comes to overcoming bad breath. The main idea behind cleaning is getting rid of the bacteria that cause plaque and also bad breath. Hence, a proper dental cleaning removes the possibility of accumulation of such bacteria and the problem is almost solved.

5. Biopsy:

This is not a very common method of countering the bad breath problem occurring in dogs. However, sometimes it becomes necessary for the veterinarians to get sample of dog’s tissue to determine the right treatment for the solution of the problem. However, this method is not always applied.


Pets can happen to be an integral part of someone’s life and existence of bad breath in these pets can be a big turn off for the owners. Hence, above mentioned are some of the most common methods that are opted by the pet owners in order to get rid of the bad breath from their pets.

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