How to get more views on YouTube videos for free

YouTube is one among the most visited and a highly popular website available over the worldwide web. For various mid and large businesses and blogs, this website is actually an ideal option where they can promote their services and products in an effective manner. In a survey, an estimated figure has been came out that everyday YouTube got 4 billion hits. That means if you upload any videos relevant to your business on this website, you will actually get millions or billions of likes which results in great promotion of your business and a huge amount of success for your website. But nowadays, as the competition in amounts of video uploaded on this really famous platform, may your business videos get quite less or may be no views. The only thing is you must optimize your videos before uploading in order to get a great amount of views and likes which in turn will offer you huge amount of profit and great success.

Youtube views

If you too is seeking for ways in order to get a huge amount of likes on your business videos on YouTube, you must follow these below mentioned facts as they actually proves to be effective.

1- Interesting and catchy titles for your video :-

Prefer using catchy titles to allure visitors. Interesting titles make visitors feel intrusive regarding the content your videos include.  Use capitalization and add punctuation marks as these types of signs can catch attention soon.

2- Use catchy thumbnails :-

Thumbnail is actually a screenshot preview of a video and utilizing captivating and eye catchy thumbnails, you will get a large amount of views. You can also try and customize those thumbnails in order to get more traffic over that website. Last but not the least, make sure that the title and thumbnail of your video denotes the same message.

3- Tag videos accurately :-

You must tag your videos along with appurtenant keywords as this practice ensure to make your videos visible to visitors and search engines. Tagging accurately allow your videos getting huge range of clicks and hence get popularized over worldwide.

4- Upload good quality videos :-

If you want to get your videos popularized over YouTube, prefer uploading quality videos. If you want to enhance your brand’s reputation, then you must consider uploading professionally shot videos which do have the capability to improve or enhance web user’s viewing experience. Good shot videos does not mean quality should be HD, the video should be understandable.

5- Always upload interesting videos :-

There are various videos on YouTube which are gaining popularity with every passing day and the reason behind it is the entertainment and informativeness equipped in them. Try and adding some creativeness in videos in order to grab more and more visitors.

6- Make your videos short and good :-

In spite of uploading long and difficult to understand videos, try and make your videos short but creative and interesting. Long videos not only bore visitors but they even watch hardly till end. So, upload small but informative videos that may include some message.

7- Always reply to people’s comments :-

After uploading your videos, stay connected with the viewers with their comments and try to respond them. Responding to these comments leads to generate more views and discussions over that topic and various new and informative things will came out from them.

8- Promote your videos on Social Sites :-

It is an another simple way to increase the popularity of your video. Sharing your videos on major social networking sites like Facebook will make your video popular over the worldwide web. You can also tag your friends to grab their attention or may tell them to like your video.

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