How To Fix The iMessage Bug In IOS 7

iOS 7 has been the highlight of the season and has been making big news in the technical market. IOS 7 is expected to turn the fortunes for Apple. However, the Apple users are encountering a difficulty with receiving and sending messages over this new operating system of Apple. There were claims that a very few/limited number of users had been affected by the might of this problem, the reports have come out stating that a major section of Apple users are facing the same problem. It is certainly blotting the image and reputation of IOS 7. Sending and receiving text messages in IOS 7 is not an easy task after all, the problem lies in tracking the number of messages that have been in the pipeline and not delivered to the users that its intended to. In such a case, the user is not able to identify whether the important messages that he intends to send to his close aides or family members have reached them or not. Such confusion can lead to many misunderstandings and this problem is taking a toll on the IOS 7 users currently.

How To Fix The iMessage Bug In IOS 7

The vastness of this problem can be traced by the fact that when you search for “IOS 7 Message” on web search engine, it displays the number of people affected from this problem. Many people are finding it difficult to get through their messages. However, Apple has come out in rescue of the users and promised an update that can be downloaded soon by the apple users. Before the new update gets into existence, the users will have to keep suffering so we have an alternative until the time; Apple launches its new update. With this alternative solution, the life of an Apple user becomes way easier.

Let’s discuss the problem a bit. The major problem that lies with IOS 7 messaging is not that the people whom you text won’t receive them. The main problem is that the person does not get any notification about the delivery of the message when he sends something. This can create a chaos when the user needs to send some important messages to the dear ones or the business acquaintances. Hence, the solution for this problem needs to be taken in concern, since it helps the user to fix the problem right away, rather than waiting for Apple to launch its updates regarding the same (which might be in existence soon).

Here are some of the steps by which the messaging problem in IOS 7 can be healed:

1. The first step that needs to be adopted while fixing the messaging problem in IOS 7 is to go in the settings area of IOS 7. After reaching the settings area, the person needs to tap down the grey cog and subsequently move across the menu and select “messages”. This icon comes in green speech bubble. Once the user needs this point, he simply needs to turn the iMessage option off. The green tab will now be clear.

2. The General section now needs to be reached after tapping on the settings option. Once the user taps it, the same should be scrolled to the bottom end and “reset” should be selected from there. Once the user goes inside the “Reset” area, he needs to click on “Reset Network Settings”. As a result, the user will be asked to enter a 4 digit PIN, once the PIN is confirmed the boot back up will start. This process takes more than a minute so the user does not need to panic as it does not delete the messages.

3. In the end, user needs to again go in the “Settings” area and select “Messages” from there. The top switch needs to be switched again so that the “iMessage” option is turned on and comes out in green mode. Accomplishing all these steps carefully will do the job. Now the user is able to track all the messages that had to be sent but did not go through. Hence, he can resend them. It is the most favored process adopted by users before the new update of Apple is out in the market.

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