How To Find Out People Who Have Blocked You On Facebook

People say that friends are forever but somehow and somewhere do not justify for your friends over Facebook. Do you ever face a situation when you notice that may be some friends are missed away from your friend list. If you secretly want to know that if they have blocked you or have disabled their Facebook account.

 Blocked You On Facebook

1- Dig into old conversations :-

If you curiously want to know that if some of your friend has blocked you, then dig out the earlier conversation with that person. In front of person’s name, you will find some default picture which you will get when you register yourself on Facebook.

Facebook block

Facebook block

At this stage, there are two major possibilities which are either the person has blocked you or may be that person has disabled person. Open the conversation, at the top, click Action Button and select Report Spam. On the new window, select the third option that is Report Conversation and click Okay.

Facebook block

A new window will start up and next to person’s name, you will find Blocked or report.

Facebook block

2- Ask mutual friends:-

In this case, you must remember regarding the mutual friends which you have with that person. Inquire from them in order to check that whether the person has blocked you. Ask them if they can find you in his or her friend list, if they can view his or her profile, that means you have been blocked by that person.

Facebook block

3- Find profile link:-

Sometimes if you feel awkward to inquire about your blockage done by that person from mutual friends, try and access that person’s profile link and see whether you are able to see that person’s profile.  You must try this with a new Facebook account. If you cannot be able to see his profile, you will get a message as in the screenshot in which its been written that the page requested was not found.

Facebook block

This message means  that either you were blocked or the user’s profile has been deactivated. The only way to confirm is try to access your profile on a new Facebook account, if you can successfully access that, it means you have been blocked.

If after trying these methods, you find that your friend has been blocked you, then just not get irritated as it is your friend’s personal thing. Just move on with your normal activities and forget about everything.

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