How To Dress For An Interview (Women/Men)

Personality of a person is defined from the attire he sports in routine life. The importance of the attire selection is even more when it comes to interviews. While preparing for an interview, the first thing that the person should check is the attire to wear. The way a person dresses talks of his overall personality. When a person appears for an interview, confidence should ooze out of his/her clothes.

The first impression plays a very important role and it is the decider of a person’s placement. One of the first attribute that is noticed by an interviewer is the way a person is dressed. Professionalism is reflected through the dress up to a great extent.

How To Dress For An Interview (Women/Men)

Now you must be wondering about the dress code for an interview. It depends on the profile of the job and the nature of the company. If the company deals with corporate clients and follows the corporate ethics in the office, the interviewee needs to be dressed very formal. On the other hand, if the company is based on entertainment segment, like event management, celebrity management, etc., then the interviewee can get dressed in a casual outfit.  However, there is a proper office look that a person should endorse while appearing for the interview. Clothes play an important role in framing a person’s persona and confidence while facing the interviewer, therefore its very important to follow this cloth conduct while appearing for the interview. Here are some of the tips on how to dress before an interview.

Men’s interview attire:

1. Suit: While selecting the suit to wear for the interview, the man should make sure that it’s not a bright color, instead it should be either navy or dark grey in color. This gives a decent presence to the interviewee.

2. Shirt: The shirt to be worn by the person should be long sleeved. It should synchronize well with the color of the suit. This gives a very professional look and impresses the interviewer in the first instant.

3. Belt: The belt should look very simple and not contain any gaudy elements in its design.

4. Tie: The tie should evenly match the color of the shirt and the suit. This provides uniformity to the whole attire.

5. Shoes: The shoes that need to be worn by the interviewee must be made of conservative leather.

6. Jewelry: There should be limited or no jewelry to be worn at the time of interview. It gives a very wrong signal to the interviewer.

7. Hairstyle: The hair should be properly made up and the hairstyle should look very professional without any spikes or fluffs.

8. Briefcase: The briefcase that the person carries while appearing for an interview plays an important role.  It should be neat and professional.

For Women:

1. Suit: The color of the suit should be standard like black or navy blue. It should not be gaudy as it can send a wrong signal to the interviewer.

2. Suit Skirt: The skirt to be worn with suit must be long enough. Short skirts do not look very appropriate when it comes to interviews. Long skirts are also very comfortable as they enable the girl to sit down on the chair properly.

3. Blouse: The blouse to be worn under the suit should match the color of the suit.

4. Shoes: The shoes should be very conservative. They should not be very loud.

5. Jewelry: The jewelry to be worn in interview should be minimal and not very gaudy. The jewelry endorsed by the women reflects their attitude towards the job and therefore it should be selected very carefully.

6. Make up: The make up to wear at the time of interview should not be overdone.

7. Briefcase: A professional briefcase impresses the interviewer at the first sight and there are more chances of landing the job than not.

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