How to Download YouTube Videos Quickly?

YouTube is certainly a rich source of video retrieval and video streaming online. However, many people live in the stereotype that YouTube is meant for viewing videos and not for downloading them. It’s a myth that most of the online users live with, but fortunately the videos can also be downloaded by the user in a hassle free manner. Not only the user can download YouTube videos using these websites for free, but it also takes a matter of seconds to get downloaded. Many websites provide this facility and make it easy for the user to download their favorite YouTube videos. Now the question arises about the platform that can be used for this purpose. One Stop solution for YouTube video downloading:

Download Youtube Videos is a website that offers downloading of YouTube videos in a hassle free manner. The interface of this website is very attractive and simple. It features a column for choosing the categories of videos. By choosing one of the categories, user can download the video of his choice and requirement. It is one of the most popular YouTube video downloader present in the market currently. The incredibility of this website can be adjudged by the fact that it receives over 2000 unique visitors every day.

FAQ segment clears all the doubts of user:

A range of FAQ (frequently asked questions) add beauty to the interface of this website. Using the FAQ, a novice can get equipped about the method of downloading a YouTube video without any problems or hassles. The range of questions available in the FAQ covers almost all the subjects related to the video downloading and the most common problems that are faced by the users.

Download YouTube Videos

A list of latest downloads, suggests the user about the videos that have been popular among the other users. It gives an idea to the user about the frequency of the downloading of a particular video he likes. The website also features the top 20 videos. Looking at these videos, the user gets knowledge about what is trending in the market at present. The All time top 50 tab is also very interesting. It features the videos that have been downloaded most frequently on this website. It also features the classic videos that are loved by anybody and everybody.

How to download YouTube Videos Quickly?

Since YouTube is a great source of info sharing and fun, it is very important to know the steps behind downloading the videos that are featured on this video sharing website. However, we cannot download the videos directly from YouTube, because it does not have any download links associated to the video. But websites like simplifies the concept of downloading YouTube videos by providing an easy process to accomplish the downloading. is one of the most common platforms that are used for downloading YouTube videos. The best feature about this website is that it allows the download of video for free.

Here is a tutorial to explain how to download YouTube videos for free:

  1. Open the web browser. This is the first step in the process.

  1. Open

  1. Check the videos and select the video that you need to be downloaded on your computer. Once the video is selected, you need to copy the URL of that video from the address bar.

  1. In a new tab, open Once the website is open, the user needs to enter the video URL and then click on download option.

  1. After a couple of seconds, the website will give some options of video formats like Mp4, HD, avi and wmv,etc. Out of these video formats, the user needs to click on one format that he requires for the video. After selecting the format, downloading begins automatically. The best part about downloading a video from is that there is no limit for video download and also there is no payment to be given for download, making this website an absolutely free concern.

After the completion of all these steps, the download of a YouTube video is complete. is known for making the download of YouTube videos a hassle free and easy process. Most importantly, the website does not charge a single penny from the user and there is no limit to the quantity of videos that the user can download. The videos take less than a minute to be downloaded, which is quite important considering the value of time. All these features make a useful concern for the users looking to download YouTube videos for free.


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