How To Choose A Hair Style That Suits Your Face

Hair Styles can modify your personality by a fair degree. Most of the people go for hairstyles that resemble their favorite actors. Have you been fantasizing the hairstyle of Emma Watson after watching her movie last night? Have you ever thought of going to the salon after watching the favored movie of your favorite artist without thinking about your face built and if the hairstyle would match your face or not?

The shape of the face truly determines the aptness of your hairstyle.  Most of the celebs keep hairstyle according to their face built. This helps them to match the hairstyle well. Hence, be wise when it comes to choosing the hairstyle that you like.

Here are some of the ways how to choose a hairstyle that suits your face:

1. Round Face:

Mila kunis Hair

Round face is the easiest built for suiting any hairstyle. Mila Kunis possesses a round face and there is no doubt about the fact that she is one of the prettiest women alive. The women who have a round face like Mila Kunis should opt for haircuts that are asymmetrical. The uneven lengths of hair generally hide the shape of jaw and cheek lines. The Rounded cuts are a big turnoff on a rounded face.

2. Oval Face:

Emma Watson

Celebrities like Emma Watson possess an oval shaped face. Such face cuts are good for keeping short hair. Sleek or edge hairstyles suit the best on such a head type. Pixie cuts also go well on such a face type.

3. Square Shaped face:

Keira Knightley

The faces that are square in shape usually possess tricky sharp angles by the jaw. People often think that having such sharp angles by the jaw evades them from other further angles. However, in such cases the sharp cuts come out as a savior for the woman. The straw jaw line is usually seen rather than being invisible and it is a major benefit of having such a face shape. Angular bobs work very well with such a face type. Keira Knightley is the most popular example of celebrity having such a face type and hairstyle.

4. Heart shaped face:

reese witherspoon

The sides of a heart shaped face have soft sides, these sides are usually longer than that of the rounded face. A pointed chin is also usual feature in a heart shaped face. An ample of hairstyles can be employed on such a face type. One length cuts suit the best on such head shapes. Hence, keeping too many layers can harm the whole purpose of the hairstyle.

Talking about Color:

Some people do not even consider the color of the hair while choosing their own hairstyle. This is a very important aspect to consider while selecting the hairstyle for self. Choosing the wrong color and matching it with a wrong hairstyle can create a fashion blunder, to say the least.

In order to know if the hair color would look good on you, the person must try it with a make-up on the first go. Try going to a drug store and choose the best and cheap shades of lipstick and eyeshadow.

Put this makeup heavily on your face so that it can be visible to the others and try to reach some natural light around you, which in this case would  be sun. Ask the people around you about how it looks. If it does not go well with the makeup and your skin tone, then do not apply that hair color on your head.  If you commit such mistake, you would spoil the magnificence of your hairstyle too.

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