Homemade Pregnancy Tests That Work

Pregnancy is one of the most serious subjects that needs to be checked in case of any doubts. However, going to hospital after every unsafe sexual encounter is not feasible and hence there are some homemade methods through which the probable pregnancy can be found out. Although these tests are not 100 percent reliable, they might give a strong sense of judgment on pregnancy. Here are some of the homemade pregnancy tests that work:

1. Bleach:

Bleach is a chemical that is known to provide an extra shine to the clothes as well as the surface that is meant to be cleaned. Apart from these important uses, bleach is also employed to be used as a pregnancy checker. It is a very simple method. The bleach should be mixed with the urine sample of the patient. This mixture should be poured in a container and must be allowed to stay for some time. The signal for pregnancy is when the mixture starts making a frothy layer on the surface. If there is no fizz or froth formed on the surface, the woman is not pregnant by any sorts.


This is an effective test for pregnancy but it should be performed with excessive care and precautions. Since, bleach with urine can make a chemical reaction, it should be performed in an open space. This is done in order to escape the harmful fumes that are produced by the mixture. The mixture might result in a blast too, if the test is not performed wisely, therefore it is recommended to perform this test with the experienced person.

2. Toothpaste:

Homemade pregnancy test can also be performed with the help of the toothpaste. It might sound a bit absurd but it’s absolutely right. It is a very easy process that requires the user to spread the portion of toothpaste on a plate. It must be lubricated with urine of the patient. If froth is formed on addition of urine, the user must understand that the patient is pregnant. This is one of the most common homemade methods of checking pregnancy and the most effective one indeed.

Toothpaste pregnancy test

3. Dandelion Leaves:

Dandelion leaves have stayed to be one of the most effective methods to check pregnancy at home. To perform this test, the patient requires a set of dandelion leaves from the specific plant. While picking up the leaves, user must make sure they are picked right from the stem and they are not under the direct impact of sunlight. Such leaves must be spread in a plastic container and the patient must excrete urine on them. If the patient is shy enough to urinate on the leaves, she must collect the urine sample and pour it on the leaves in the plastic container. The next step is to quietly observe the changes on the leaves. If some blisters are encountered on the leaves, it is a strong sign for pregnancy. However, such blisters might appear in 10 minutes or may take more than an hour to appear. It requires enough patience to practice this homemade pregnancy test, but it is certainly the oldest and the most natural way of testing the pregnancy.

Dandelion Leaves pregnancy test

4. Pine Sol:

Pine Sol is often used as a cleaning chemical at homes. It has a multi-purposeful existence and is often used in testing pregnancy. Pine Sol is usually manufactured using pine oil extracts available from the pine species. For performing the test, user has to mix the urine sample with that of pine sol solution. If the color of the mixture changes abruptly, it is a strong sign of pregnancy.

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