Highly Overstated Food Prices Around The Globe

How many of us are living our lives with the saying ‘Eat to live, but do not live to eat!’? Hardly few will be the answer because with changing times and stocking up of newly discovered vibrantly varying different tasting food items, it’s becoming even harder to quench our ever-growing hunger to taste and try everything up on the menu list!

Here is a list revealing the most overstated, improbable, outrageous and, above all, the most expensive foods in the world.

1. Italian White Alba Truffle:

Italian White Alba Truffle

This truffle is priced at a staggering sum of $160,406. Truffles are normally considered to be one of the most expensive of all the food delicacies as they require much expertise in their cultivation. It’s been reported that a customer from Hong Kong actually bought this truffle. The most expensive truffle weighs approximately 1.51 kilograms (3.3 lbs.).

2. Almas Caviar:

Almas Caviar

This food item is a specialty of Iran. Caviar is already known to be extremely costly costing around 15k per kg, but the combo of Almas Caviar makes the dish outrageously costly! Priced at $25, 000 per kg, the only known outlet is the Caviar House & Prunier in London England where these are available. Almas Caviar are traditionally coated in 24 carat gold plating.

3. Domenico Crolla’s “Pizza Royale 007″:

Domenico Crolla’s “Pizza Royale 007″

Who would enjoy spending a fortune just to consume a 12 inch pizza? Some people supposedly do enjoy in Scotland. To enjoy this pizza, one has to shell out a whopping sum of $4,200 for a 12 inch pizza pie coated with some of the world’s most costliest toppings like lobsters which are marinated in cognac, caviar soaking in the richness of champagne, tomato sauce, Scottish smoked salmon, prosciutto, medallions of venison, and classic old balsamic vinegar. One finishing touch of over-coating is applied with 24-carat gold flakes!  This pizza was Mr. Domenico Crolla’s innovation who is a Scottish chef.

4. Samundari Khazana Curry:

Samundari Khazana Curry

This is undoubtedly the most costly curry in the world. This Samundari Khazana curry was started in order to celebrate the DVD release of the Oscar winning movie ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.  The Bombay Brassiere packed this curry platter full of the most expensive ingredients that was available.  A plate of this curry costs around $3,200. It is more commonly known as the “treasure of the seas”, this particular dish is a delicious mixture of Beluga caviar, sea snails and a whole lobster sprinkled with edible gold along with a strong curry flavor.

5. Chocopologie:


The name somewhat gives us the impression that Chocopologie has something to do with our favorites chocolates. And it is absolutely true! Manufactured by Knipschildt, this delicacy is known to be the most costly of all the chocolates in the globe. The handmade extremely beautifully carved out truffle consists of 70% Valrhona cacao and can be purchased at $2,600 per pound.

6. The Zillion Dollar Frittata:

The Zillion Dollar Frittata:

Of all the non-veg items, meat tops the list when it comes to their prices. However, there is a special egg cuisine which is more frankly known to be ‘the expensive source of protein’. It comprises of the following basic, yet tremendously costly ingredients: A balanced mixture of various eggs, lobster and exquisite caviar to achieve an asking price of a little bit more than a $1,000 per dish. On the menu right next to the expensive breakfast omelet is inscribed “Norma dares you to expense this.”

7. Wagyu steak:

Wagyu steak

Wagyu beef is a popular item among the diet watchful people because of its high percentage of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which is considered very healthy. The best of the steak beef is from Kobe, which is raised in the prefecture of Hyogo, Japan. The cattle that provide this special beef are unquestionably a class apart from the rest. Apparently, this pampered bovine breed dines on beer and receives massages to ensure the cows stay happy — and tender. It is priced at $2,800.

8. Golden Phoenix:

Golden Phoenix

This is the most expensive edible cupcake in the world. This exotic food item was unveiled at the official inauguration function at Dubai Mall.  The cupcake is worth an average man’s monthly pay! Priced at $1223.32, it is undoubtedly the most expensive sweet dish ever!

All the above mentioned food delicacies are really hard for an average middle man to purchase and eat out. However, after reading this article we must be thinking how absurdly overrated food items can be around the world! If you have the money, do not forget to try out these special over-priced out-of-the world food items!

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