Highest Paying Jobs in the World (2012 to present)

The world’s population is booming tremendously and education is playing a bigger and bigger role in procuring a satisfying job with each passing day. The usual theory is that the better is your education, better are the chances of you bagging a huge job (there are obvious exceptions to this theory including Bill Gates, Steve Jobs & so on, but that’s another story). So it isn’t surprising that everyone is dead focused on their careers now and aiming at the top of the stairs of employment. If you don’t want to start your own business or you are not into entrepreneurship, then you too might want to start working to land a high paying job. After that you’ll have to actually get that job.

Highest Paying Jobs

To make the task of finding the ‘best job’ (translated to highest paying with nice benefits) easier, here’s a list of the highest paying jobs of 2012 to present. Take your pick and aim towards it.

Software Engineer:

This might come as a surprise because everyone seems to be doing Computer Engineering. But in 2012, it was the highest paid job with an estimated Income of $88,142.00. With everything going digital, lots of work in this field is being done every day and the demand for new engineers in never wavering.

Software Engineer

Surgeons & Medical Professional:

From neurosurgeons to Occupational Therapist to your neighborhood doctor to whom you go with your daily ailments, the medical profession is one of the evergreen professional with a high gross income to boost. Almost everyone needs to go to a doctor some time or the other and the docs don’t charge you easy for that. So if you have it in you, try and aim to be a doctor.

Surgeons & Medical Professional

Chief Executive Officers:

CEO is perhaps the highest rank within an organization and owing to this the CEOs bear great responsibility and a heavy burden. But with such demanding efforts comes a demanding income. CEOs are one of the highest paid officers in the world. They are responsible for managing an organization so of course the pay wouldn’t something to scoff on.

Chief Executive Officers

Airline Pilot:

Becoming a pilot might be every kid’s dream but only a few ever realize it. The job of the pilot is extremely demanding and not to mention risky. The pilot is responsible for the lives of all the passengers on board. To make it tougher, piloting a plane is no piece of cake. One has to undergo rigorous physical training coupled with technical training. But the salary is worth it and the experience that comes with piloting is priceless.

Airline Pilot


With such exponential increase in feuds & crimes like divorce, property dispute, environmental laws and so on, lawyers are hot items. New law firms are coming up which are ready to pay huge sum of money to deserving lawyers. Ironically, because crime is a booming genre, lawyers are becoming increasingly important.



Accountants are in charge of calculating, analyzing and managing finances of a company which eventually decides the organization’s resource allocation. No matter what the organization deals with, it most definitely will have accountants. This makes accountant a highly sought after job with a nice package.


Human Resources, Training and Labor Relations Specialists:

HR specialists cover not only a vast area of work including determining employment needs, interviews, training new employees, maintaining employment  and much more. With the increase in demand for better working conditions and resources, organizations are becoming more serious with regards to the HRD (human resource department). And there’s never any decrease in demand for HR specialists.

Human Resources, Training and Labor Relations Specialists


Although this is another medical field, it still deserves to be mentioned separately because psychiatrists help employees deal with mental problems like depression, anxiety, stress, hyper tension, etc. which is common in today’s work place and demands immediate attention. There’s a shortage of psychiatrist especially in rural area despite the fact that psychiatrists get paid quite a lot.


These are some of the highest paid profession of this year; there are more jobs like natural resources manager, dentists, mechanical engineers, petroleum engineer, architectural and engineering managers etc. With the fast paced times of today, jobs are becoming harder to find and an acceptable pay is quite rare. Despite that there are lots of professions getting recognized where the package is astounding; all it needs is some determination and a few years of experience in the requisite field.


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