Hero Dog Kabang Finally Ready To Go Home After Face Surgery

Kabang is the most popular dog, who saved the lives of two young girls but in the process, he lost a significant part of his face. This selfless stint performed by the dog has placed him on the front page of newspapers. He suffered a serious injury in his face and was admitted to a hospital. Since the time he met with accident, there have been several campaigns over the internet and social media to raise voice for the operation of Kabang. This popular dog is finally readying up for home after the surgery.

Dog Kabang News

She met with this dastardly accident back in 2011, when a motorcycle hit her hard with the snout and upper jaw dismantling from this dog’s face. The wound had remained on his face for good. The voice that the social media and other campaigns on internet raised for this selfless dog played a major part in contributing to the surgery of this dog. The story of dog’s survival and his heroics made a real story for journalists from all around the world. It attracted high audience for their news channels. Kabang became an over-night sensation all around the world and her popularity became viral. However, the focus was to fix her jaw and other injuries on the face and he was admitted to the hospital of University of California.

Dog Kabang News

In October 2012, it was found out that the dog was suffering from a serious heartworm and a cancer known as transmissible venereal tumor. This disease was discovered by the veterinarians in the hospital and since then they have been working day night to cure it.

However, all these diseases could only be treated after a proper surgery was made on Kabang’s face. Thus, the treatment began with surgical and dental proceedings on Kabang’s face. UC Davis gathered a team of specialists to treat all the problems that existed in Kabang’s body. The treatment had to be made with special attention as the cure for different parts could be preceded after healing one part. It was a lengthy process that required deep attention and care from the doctor’s end.

Dog Kabang News

The treatment for Kabang in the teaching hospital at University of California is a perfect example of care and attention that the veterinary doctors need to pay to their patients.

The chief of dentistry and oral surgery at the school of Veterinary Medicine’s William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, Frank Verstraete recollected that the experience of Kabang’s operation was over-whelming. He was overtly emotional watching the condition of the dog and the adverse circumstances he was going through after doing a good deed by saving the two young girls. The doctor stated that every possible source was used for the cure of Kabang in the hospital. Every aspect of her body was carefully tested and treated after moving on to the major operation.

Dog Kabang News

In March, 2013 the doctors worked on the eyelids of the dog and carved out her top teeth. The rest of surgery followed after this treatment of teeth and eyelids.

The surgery of Kabang was one of its own kinds and it has not been witnessed ever before. A surgery that lasted for hours, some chunks of Kabang’s skin were taken out from the head and her other body parts. The nasal passage of Kabang was also improved in surgery. The reconstruction of nasal passages was effected after inserting stents. This allowed the formation of new nostrils in the face of Kabang.

Dog Kabang News

According to the surgeons operating Kabang, the operation was quite long and lasted for some hours but all went according to their expectations and they were happy with the ultimate results.

Although the team of doctors were not able to construct the upper jaw of Kabang, but a significant protection is provided to her from infections. The dog can now migrate to her home in Philippines and lead a good life.

Gina Davis, a surgeon from the team of doctors treating Kabang stated that she was pleased with the results that they produced on the operation of Kabang and some results were above expectations. She was happy about the improvement in the condition of the dog and recollected that when Kabang was brought to California, his condition was awful but now he is up and working. She also said that the hospital will miss Kabang as their patient since it was a real challenge for them and kept the team on toes for some months. Finally, Kabang is ready to come back home.

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