Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. A large number of people are catching pokemons all across the world. There has also been news of a man who caught all the pokemons and hence, was given a world tour ticket. It definitely has cause a global frenzy with people crashing into the weirdest of places to catch pokemons and visiting places that they never otherwise would. The game was introduced in order to promote exercise and walking amongst the e-generation. The Pokemon Go game wonderfully combines virtual with real life. You can virtually challenge your friends to a real life battle of catching pokemons or beating your score. How wonderful is it!

Here's How Pokemon Go Helps You To Beat Anxiety and DepressionApart from the fact that it allows you to travel across places to simply catch pokemons, it also makes you go to off-beat places and explore them. Sometimes, you meet outsiders who are doing the same thing as you, thereby helping you meet new people. It is one of the most wonderful concepts ever thought of by anyone. It sounds quite off at first but there are a large number of positives about this. In fact, those who have been playing this game have nothing but positive reviews for the same. The game is definitely going to go a long way and have one too many levels.

It not only helps you exercise but exposes you to sun, rain and wind which are something the current generation has forgotten to do. This has a massively positive impact on one’s mental health and is a huge step in the right direction for those who are addicted to technology. For all of us spend a whole lot of time sitting in one place and browsing, pokemon go forces you to get up and go out of the house. The game has already been known to help a large number suffering with anxiety and depression.    

For, if you are one of the people who hardly interact with your own family, this game helps you become social. It lets you meet people through poke-meets and any awkwardness that existed melts away due to a common goal. Who knew a Smartphone would help us achieve so much that it will cancel its own negatives out! Pokemon Go is one game that everyone ought to try if only to break the monotony of life.

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