Hair Transplant Now Possible With Chest Hair

It is now possible to have the hair transplanted from chest to head through the technique of hair transplantation. Usually the transplants were carried out from the part of head where hair was in plenty to the part when it was deficient. Now the doctors have taken the hair transplantation to another level by bringing chest hair into practice.

The decision to use chest hair for hair transplantation is due to the reason that some people do not possess an ample of hair in the “donor area”. It implies to the unsuccessful nature of the process. Hence, the new technique of hair transplant dictates the transfer of shaved chest hair to the head. It also involves some hair from the head where they are in plenty.

Men have continuously involved in this process and acquired a full head of hair. Celebrities like Wayne Rooney and Gordon Ramsay have also taken shelter of the service and gained hair in the receding part of the head. The process of transplantation can prove to be painful and it usually involves the transfer of hair from the back of the head, where they are in plenty. These hair are then placed on the parts of the head where they are in the receding stage.

Hair Transplant Now Possible With Chest Hair

This was the common process that was employed while doing the hair transplant but the doctors started facing the situation where people turned out without having hair at the back end of their head. It enforced the doctors to transplant the hair from the chest of the man and place it on the head. The follicles from the head are also used along with chest hair in order to give the head an original look.

The technique of placing the excess hair into the parts where they are receding is known as Follicular Unit Extraction. The new technique of using chest hair for transplantation has come out as a boon for the people who have receding hair all over their head. These people face the problem of not having the donor hair for the receding part. The usage of chest hair is a big sense of relief for them. The transplantation technique uses follicles of head hair along with chest hair in order to place them on the receding headline of the person.

A famous doctor based in London, Dr. Thomy Kouremada Zioga explained that some of the patients require a straightforward transplant but there are a few that do not have such an option. In such cases, the hair from chest are being taken off and placed on the head. This technique has worked wonders in the recent past. Sometimes, it becomes a bit tricky though, since the chest hair are way different than the hair on the head. The chest hair are more curly and wavy and a person who is totally bald can’t undergo such transplantation as it would look too awkward.

Hair Transplant Now Possible With Chest Hair

Wayne Rooney and Calum Best are the recent examples of celebs who have spent a fortune in order to have a full head of hair. In the cases of hair transplantation from chest, the hair look unnatural and therefore, doctors try to minimize this practice and it only depends on the gravity of the case of the patient.

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