GTA V: The Most Expensive Game Ever Produced

Gaming has been a great business these days. EA Sports started this modern tradition of gaming and it has been carried forward by the magnanimous businessmen of gaming. Gaming is not taken light anymore; it has become a serious trade these days. The buzz around the new game GTA V justifies the above statement. GTA V has been recorded as one of the highest budgeted games ever produced. There is no doubt in also claiming this game to be anticipated as the highest earning game of the season. The question is whether the Scottish company has made a good choice by investing a fortune to make this game. To a great extent, the answer is certainly yes, considering the hype and buzz that surrounds this anticipated game.

Good business

If the reports are to be believed, this game has cost the company a fortune. They have collectively spent over 266 million USD in the development of this game along with its marketing. It is certainly the most expensive games ever produced and it has broken all the previous records, particularly the record that was set up by “Knights of the Old republic, whose budget was estimated to be around 200 million USD. This game is apparently more expensive than any Hollywood movie that has ever been produced.

GTA V: The Most Expensive Game Ever Produced

This mammoth investment is expected to pay back company a great deal. It can be justified with the fact that copies of this game worth around 800 million dollars have already been sold on the first day. The seriousness of gaming business can be adjudged by the following figures. There is no doubt in saying that the Scottish game maker will definitely be on the advantage in this situation and it’s expected to earn big money based on GTA V. The first 3 days after the release of the game have seen a business worth 1 billion dollars. This is a great business and no other movie has ever done such a business son its first weekend. It was only Harry Potter VII that made whopping 483 million USD on its opening weekend. Any other movie that has ever been produced has not done such a business. GTA V is setting up some un-beatable standards for the other games in the clan and it is certainly very difficult to beat.

When it comes to highest grossing games ever produced, the name of EA’s “Madden NFL 25” pops up. It sold 1 million units in its opening week. EA has been making an ample of money based on the popularity of its games. The latest buzz is lingering around the newest edition of FIFA. This version of soccer is FIFA 14. It is expected to break all the previous records that have been set up by FIFA 13. Hence, it can be said that gaming has turned out to be a very serious business and its not taken as a mere entertainment sector anymore. .

GTA V has set up a new tone for the gaming world

GTA V is certainly the most expensive games ever produced in the history of gaming and it has proved its mettle by making a business of around 1 billion USD in just 1 week. The gaming industry is thus booming and many multinationals are showing interest in the entertainment sector. The unprecedented success of GTA V will surely raise a lot of voices in favor of the gaming industry. A couple of years ago, the industry specialists did not take the gaming sector seriously and could not predict such big returns on the game making. The competition is growing therefore and it will lead to the development of more competitive and interesting games in the coming season. A healthy competition will definitely come with the making of more interesting and strong games and it will surely impact the overall gaming industry in many possible ways.


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