Giant George, The Tallest Dog Of The World Has Died Before His Eighth Birthday

Giant George, the tallest dog of the world has been making news recently, not because of his unbelievable height or his antics but for his death. He died recently at his home in Tucson, Arizona. This death came to him when he was about to turn 8 in one month.

When he passed away, his owners were there to witness his last breath and comfort him as much as possible. The date of his death was 17th October. The greatest and tallest dog that ever existed known as Giant George could stand up to seven feet tall and was loved by one and all. He weighed a whopping 245 pounds and was heavier than the other dogs of his kind. His owners and family showed a great grief on his demise.


Giant George swept the Guinness world records of 2010 and registered himself as one of the Tallest dog in the world and also named as the tallest dog that ever existed. He was one of the most interesting attractions in the US. There used to be a queue to check this dog as people were always excited and anxious to see this tall dog. The diet of this dog was also unbelievable as he ingested about 180 pounds food in just a month. The mattress used for his bed was huge and it was hard to believe that the mattress was meant for a dog and not the human.

The dog was as famous as ever. It was the result of his popularity that he had to maintain a Facebook page of his own to let the world know of his recent doings. Owners of the dog, Dave and Christie Nasser were the ones maintaining his Facebook page. The news of the death of Giant George also came through the Facebook post jotted by its owners. They said, “With a heavy heart we announce that we have lost the Giant George last night”. He died in the arms of his owners who loved him more than anything in life. The owners will go through a very tough time after his demise. They wish to have spent the eighth birthday of this big champ.

The Giant George was a social person and contributed a fair bit to the society in the name of charity. He was a lovable dog and people loved him not just because of his looks but his noble heart that spoke loud for charity and other causes. The owners of the dog have recently announced their extreme love for the dog and asked people to donate and help his charitable trust in order to keep his memories fresh and afloat in this fast paced world.

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The routine of Giant George was quite simple and hassle free. He used to spend the free time barking at people and eating his meals that usually consisted of chicken and rice. The dog loved rice in the evening dinners. The diet menu of this dog was big and he used to eat much more than a usual dog. The incredible weight of 100 pounds justifies his diet limits.  However, his weight was already alarming bells for the owners and they were informed to take care of it and let him lose it in time. The major reason for his death is proclaimed to be the over-weight issue.

Giant George used to love his owners and would show love by licking them. The couple found the dog in a litter, 1000 miles away from Arizona in the region of Oregon. After catching the eye of the dog, the couple took him away with them and made a good caring. When the couple recounts, they believe that the dog used to act like a puppy every time when they took him home. He used to be a big lover of ball games and tug of war. However, sooner the dog started growing in size and eventually became one of the biggest dogs alive. His life has been covered by the owner, Dave in a book “Giant George, Life with the World’s biggest dog”. This book was released in the year 2012 and made a good business since people were very much interested in knowing the life style of the dog and his antics with the owner.

Soon, the couple realized that the dog was growing unbelievably big and it was time for them to submit his application in the Guinness Book of World records. Sometimes when they used to take the dog for a walk, he used to be the most noticeable creature in the park or the society. The couple recounts that sometimes the other dog owners would be scared of Giant George because they thought he would hurt their own dogs because of being big and probably aggressive too. The more Giant George became older, he grew more and more big and the couple had to replace the single mattress that the dog used to sleep in and replaced it with a king sized mattress and a king sized bed. The dig would sleep with his owners cuddling them like a dear one.

The couple bought a queen sized mattress so that the dog could sleep in it without any problems and could fit in properly. This is the same mattress that the dog was using while he died in the house on 17 October. When Giant George turned two years, the dog already weighed in excess of 252 pounds and the owners were notified by one of their friends to go for the Guinness world record. A submission could bring them glory and the respect dog deserved. Hence, the couple decided to make him public and filed his submission for the Guinness world records in 2010. The popularity of Giant George was so huge that he appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show in 2010. This is in itself a huge honor and people appreciated the show a lot.

The favorite past-time of this famous dog was to chase the UPS driver every time he used to spot him. The bark of the dog would instill a lot of fear in the driver and he would freak out. This is one fond memory that the couple recounts while giving interviews about the Giant George.

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