The wildlife experts came through an interesting surprise recently when the Angler Angus James spotted a green tree frog inside the mouth clutches of a jungle perch. The fisherman was surprised greatly when he unhooked the fish from his bait. He went on to take a quick snap before the frog made his way out of its moth. The frog seemed to have been smiling after being free. This is an incident of its own way and something similar has never happened before.

When Angus James went on to stretch the mouth of the fish, he could see a live creature inside its mouth and most surprisingly, it was an amphibian.  The frog looked quite excited and ready to jump out of the mouth of the fish. Angus called it a smug smile. The story is making a great buzz in the wildlife world and is getting viral on the internet too. Angus James had gone fishing in Queensland when this incident happened. He stated that he was shocked to the very bone when he saw the frog jumping out of his catch’s mouth. The surprising part was that the amphibian was still alive.

Frog Found Inside The Mouth Of A Huge Fish: Shocks The Wildlife Experts

It was only a matter of seconds before the frog made a hasty escape out of the fish’s mouth. After getting out of the fish’s mouth, he cling on to James’s head. However, James managed to click a picture of this incredible experience. The frog looked happy in the photo. This picture has not only left James amazed but whoever is checking it out on the internet is getting quite happy with the enthusiast face of the amphibian. James told the reporters that he usually carries a camera while being out for fishing and that gives him a chance to click such incredible pictures.

Frog Found Inside The Mouth Of A Huge Fish: Shocks The Wildlife Experts

The green frog is found out to be a native Australian and its roots are belonged to New Guinea. This frog is bigger than the usual Australian frogs and it can be measured at 4 inches in total length, which is simply incredible. The time that the frog spent in the mouth of the fish cannot be estimated. Its life expectancy is however around 16 years.  Whenever the frog feels some threat, it screams in order to disturb the confidence and concentration of its enemy and it also squeaks while being touched. However, Angus did not inform reporters of any such voices. It clearly describes that the frog was not too scared of being presented in front of the fisherman.

After completing the outing, Mr. James went on to mail the picture to Reptiles magazine and they posted it on social networks.  When the picture was posted on facebook, it acquired as many as 40,000 likes and 2000 comments; such is the popularity of the picture currently. Angus stated in one of the comments that the frog seemed to be happy and he would be happy too, if he were in his situation.

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