Four Ways You Can Cut Corners on Renovations Without Sacrificing Quality

Renovations — contrary to popular opinion — don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. Sure, giving your house a redress doesn’t come cheap, but there are several ways to cut corners without sacrificing quality. Here are a few ways to save on costs when renovating your home.

Choose Professionals

Paying for professionals may sound counterintuitive when you’re saving on costs, but you may actually end up paying more for going DIY. By taking matters into your own hands, you have to spend hours learning the process, buy materials, and invest in tools you might not need in the future. Not to mention, a lot can go wrong when you DIY a renovation—and fixing these errors are not cheap.

So, outsource the big jobs, like plumbing, electrical installations, and complex structural work. Get a minimum of three quotes from three contractors before committing and compare the process. See who can get you discount steel or timber and check who can offer extra services. Get recommendations from friends who have had their homes renovated on a tight budget, like you.

Reconsider Your Materials

It would be lovely if your budget accommodates all the high-end materials you want for your entire project, but if you want to save on costs, some expensive materials will have to be switched. After all, a higher price tag doesn’t always mean better quality.

The kitchen and bathrooms are the best places to find switches. For instance, use engineered stone benchtops instead of granite and consider laminate flooring instead of hardwood timber. If you’re eyeing marble, consider laminate, too. And where can you splurge? Leave the pricey bits to the living areas or places where you entertain, where you want to make a statement via interior flair.

Wait for Sales

It’s tempting to purchase every appliance needed for the renovation right there and then, but don’t let your impatience get the best of you. If you’re really looking to save, wait for big sales and promos when buying big-ticket items.

For example, during the holidays, stores often run big discounts for appliances, while summer is the best time to shop for discounted outdoor furniture. Black Friday offers a treasure trove of discounted electronics and power tools.

When décor is concerned, you don’t have to shop at malls or expensive, chic online stores. You can find fabulous items at thrift stores. Often, these second-hand pieces blend in with high-end goods on a shelf. You can also ask stores about factory seconds. These finds have small imperfections that can easily be hidden, but they come with a huge marked-down price.

Hold a Garage Sale

Sell anything you won’t be using — the funds you generate from this garage sale will be used to finance small things in your renovation. No longer a fan of vintage vases? Sell them online! Those outdated cabinets and shelves might just appeal to a homeowner who likes vintage pieces or an interior designer recreating a mid-century interior.

Renovating on a shoestring isn’t easy, but there’s nothing that a clever homeowner can do. Just search high and low for the best deals, and you won’t miss out on a bargain. Good luck and we hope you meet your budget!