Five Underrated Animes of All times

Animes are extremely popular and many of us just crazy when it comes to them. From plush toys to key chains to pillows, the list of anime merchandise and its associated craziness is limitless. The extremely popular animes are idolized and nearly worshiped across the anime fan base. Most of the animes get the respect they deserve, but there are times when an anime creeps by unnoticed by many. Such animes not only have a plethora of splendor, but the cast is superb and adorable with shell shocking story lines. Unfortunately since these animes miss the main attention and are unintentionally robbed of the respect they deserve, these animes are sadly forgotten and most of the times just disappear from history.

Here we have made an attempt to list at least five of these forgotten animes and help revive few of the most priceless animes of all times and give them the respect and rating they truly deserve.

Shin Hakkenden:

This one is a really old series from the 1990s. Not many have heard of this anime and not much information is available on this anime online. But despite the apparent lack of interest, it is a rare gem when it comes to animes. It has a unique and gripping plot with lots of cliff hangers, special powers and epic-ness. The cast is quite diverse and the episodes are action packed, with the last few episodes even being tear jerker.

Shin Hakkenden

Lost Universe:

This anime was supposed to be a sort of sequel to the famous anime ‘Slayers’. The protagonist is supposedly the male version of Lina Inverse. Set in a futuristic era where space ships and stations are the norms, this series provides comic relief interlude with great fights and skills. The cast is absolutely cool and adorable and the story is quite mysterious and intriguing. It’s a grossly underrated animes ever and a must watch for everyone. It’s the sort of series which sticks in your mind and heart and stays forever.

Lost Universe

Let’s & Go (season 1 & season 2):

Based on small racing cars with technology able to receive and comprehend signals from human brain waves and act accordingly, this series received comparatively less attention despite having two seasons (with both enjoying amazing plotline) and the best ever plot for a sports series. The race scenes in the animes makes you yearn like crazy for one of those tiny cars. The lead is played by two brothers, Let’s and Go, who happen to quarrel a lot which is extremely funny. This anime is filled with cars and comedy and adventure.

Let’s & Go (season 1 & season 2)


Another sports oriented series but this one is based on yo-wait for it-yo! Yea, it’s a yoyo anime. It’s guaranteed that after watching this anime no one could escape the lure of the yoyo. The amazing skills shown in this anime along with the nice plot adds another dimension to everyone’s life. It’s quite a hooker of a series with a great cast and great episodes.


Remi, Nobody’s Girl:

A 26-episode Japanese anime (broadcast 1996 to 1997), this anime was a remake of ‘Nobody’s Boy: Remi’ anime which itself was taken from Sans Famille, an 1878 French novel. It was perhaps one of the best anime in its time, but as more and more anime have come out, this series seems to have been forgotten. A 10 year old girl is left alone to face the harsh realities of the world, but despite facing innumerous oddities and miseries, she never loses her tender nature and gentle heart. Even the most stone hearted of all cannot help but shed a few tears while watching this anime. Remi along with her troop keep this anime packed with love, laughter, tears, joy, friendship, love, emotions and all the other human values. It’s a gold anime, and nobody should miss a chance to watch it ever.

Remi, Nobody's Girl

If you get to watch any of these series, you’ll understand why they are so precious. Try to find these animes and at least give them one shot if you really want to experience the true glamour of animes (not the glittery glamour, the one that emanates from the heart).

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