Five Simple 5 Minute Exercises For A Healthy & Toned Body

Staying healthy and fit is the new in trend. From teens to adults, everyone is focused on staying fit, toned and healthy. There are lots of ways to achieve this including yoga, diet, meditation, exercise, etc. And the best part is that information on these is available easily. Either you can ask your doctor, join a club, or search online. But then what’s the problem? Why isn’t everyone achieving the perfect healthy and toned body? There are quite a few reasons. Let’s list them here:

1. Too much to do, too little time.

2. Too lazy.

3. Too tired from daily chores.

4. Too hard to follow a routine

5. Too troublesome to stick to a diet.

If we look at the problems above, they seem genuine and cumbersome to overcome. All of us little time and so much to do that we end up tired inadvertently. But fear not, there’s an alternative available. Instead of working out an hour a day and sticking to a strict diet, try these simple 5 exercises for 2-5 minutes each day. As for the diet, all I recommend is taking lots of green vegetables and fruits. Some protein based food like eggs, fish and chicken should also be taken. Desserts and snacks should be kept minimum; try taking these only once in every two days. So here we begin with our exercises.

Brisk Walking:

Try turning your everyday commuting like going to office or to the market into a healthy habit. Walk briskly and try to aim for at least 20 minutes per day. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines brisk walking at a pace of about five kilometers per hour or 12 minutes per kilometer.

While brisk walking, follow the following guidelines:

Brisk Walking


Though brisk walking is best done in the morning or evening and in one go, but for starters (and those who are hard pressed for time) it’s a good idea to try brisk walking whenever possible and then gradually fall into a pattern in a couple of weeks.

2. Bicycle Crunch:

I feel this is easier than the original crunch. And I advice using a yoga mat or any other similar mat for this exercise. Begin by lying flat on your back. Place your hands behind your ears but do not clasp them behind your head. Now lift your legs in the air and bend your knees so that your legs form an angle at 90 degree. Start moving your legs in a bicycle motion. When your left knee is closer to your body, move your right elbow to it and vice versa. The video below will help you understand this better.

Bicycle Crunch:


Try performing this exercise for 1-2 minutes daily in 2 sets.

3. The Boat:

Again, use a mat for this to avoid hurting your spine. Now begin in a seated position with your knees bent and your feet resting on the ground. Lengthen through your torso and recline slightly, keeping your back in a straight line. Extend your arms straight out in front of you, then extend your legs, creating a V-shape with your torso and legs so that you form a 90 degree angle. Do not forget to breathe gently.

The Boat

Try these for 30 seconds in the beginning and gradually move to 2-3 minutes every day in sets of 2-4.

4. The Plank:

This one seems pretty simple but is really painful to maintain. Get face down on your mat and bend your elbows to 90 degrees and rest your weight on your forearms. Your elbows should remain directly beneath your shoulders, and your body should remain in a straight line from your head to your feet. Hold the position for 15 seconds and gradually move to 2 minutes.

The Plank

Start by doing this exercise in sets and gradually move to one set while maintaining the position for two minute.

5. The Bridge:

The best part about this exercise is that you learn the basic technique that helps you summersault too. Lay on your back with your hands by your sides and make sure the knees are bent with feet firmly flat on the floor, right under your knees. Now, start tightening the muscles of your abdominal and buttock region. Raise your hips up so as to create a straight line from your knees to shoulders. Squeeze your core as much as you can and try to pull your belly button back toward your spine.

The Bridge

The video above helps to better understand this position. Try this position for 10 seconds and gradually increase it to 40 seconds.

That’s all you got to do. Seems simple and easy right? You can even go for only three per day while you do the remaining two and another one the next day. This way you manage your time effectively while also maintaining a healthy body.

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