Five Old & Classic PC Games of All Times

When the PC first became available, for the general public that is, only DOS platform was available. Then Microsoft released the more advanced Windows 95. Comparing those times with now makes the old generation seem pretty bleak. But let’s not take the old generation lightly. Despite all the technological short comings and hardware backwardness, developers from that time made some of the very best games while also laying the foundation for all the future games. Those who have played these old games surely cannot forget the good times and I recommend all game lovers (and non-game lovers too) to try out these games.

The best part is since these are all so old, the game files are under 1mb to download and alternatively also available online. The game-play is easy at first, compelling in between and a mix of frustration and excitement towards the end. So buckle up and enjoy these timeless classics.

Dangerous Dave:

This game usually came with the Windows 95 (the guy selling me the PC back then installed it for me). Dangerous Dave was created in 1988 for the DOS and is a sort of Super Mario rip. The game-play is alike to some extent. The main aim of the game is to acquire the trophy in each level in order to advance to the next level of the game while evading monsters, spiders, deadly weeds and shooting with a pistol. There was also a backpack which allowed Dave to fly over to the exit of the game. Sounds sweet; it is.Dangerous Dave

Jazz Jackrabbit:

It’s an adventure about a rabbit whose girlfriend is kidnapped and Jazz the rabbit sets out with a gun to rescue her. At some level, he is accompanied by a parrot (which shoots bullets from its eyes). Oh and the one who kidnapped his girlfriend is his arch-nemesis, ‘The Turtle’. The plot sounds cliché but the game-play is interesting with amazing sound effects and great graphics (at least for that time). There are different episodes through which Jazz has to pass. Each level has different environments and music which makes for a mesmerizing experience.Jazz Jackrabbit

The Lion King:

If I have to rate these games, then I would say that ‘Simba the lion king’ is the best game ever. Even today I would happily play this game anytime. It has the best graphics and game-play coupled with stunning visuals and captivating music. Simba has to transverse the jungle in order to reach his goal. There are colorful levels and dark ones and each moment is enrapturing to say the least. It’s a must try for everyone. The way Simba rolls over giraffes, swings from rhino’s tails, races over an ostrich, fights with the hyenas is worth trying out at least once.The Lion King


Disney’s Aladdin is about the protagonist Aladdin rushing to get the magical lamp from the evil magician Jaffar and saving princess Jasmine. The best part is that this game is sort of like an older version of Prince of Persia, since Aladdin can jump off almost any objects, hang from any ledges, perform gymnastics, sword fight and so on. There are level ups, secret items and apples! You throw an apple on the enemy to stun them; unheard of, right? But the game is enticing and thrilling with nice animation and compelling levels.Aladdin


Another of Disney’s games, it follows the same story-line as the old animated film. Hercules is stripped of his godhood and now must prove his worth to regain his immortality, and join the gods on Mount Olympus. Already sounds like a cliché, right? Hercules must pass several tasks yet the game isn’t much hard but it is heartwarming and sweet to play with funny animations.Hercules

These are some of the classics of all times, the godfathers of every game that exists today. Most of these games will require around an intensive afternoon of game-play to finish the game. This is extremely less but quite enjoyable. These games will require the emulator ‘Dosbox’ to run on newer systems. So pick a game and resign yourself to an unforgettable memory.

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