Fastest Roller Coasters In The World

Once you hear the word roller coaster the first thing that comes in your mind is extreme adrenaline rush accompanied with stomach flipping and death defying speedy twists. After the first steep drop you start asking yourself whether your heart is ready for the next loop or not, and then embrace yourself for the inevitable next turn. Roller coasters are widely famous entertainment units within an amusement park and have largest fan following in the world no matter the age.

Roller coasters provide you the best entertainment in the holidays and make your nerves tingle with excitement.

Hence we are listing world’s fastest as well as dangerous roller coasters. After you ride on any of these coasters I bet you won’t need a monster to scare the wits out of you because these coasters are enough to scare the hell out of you.


1. Kingda Ka New Jersey, USA

With the Maximum speed of 128 miles/hr this roller Coaster is definitely the fastest in the whole world. The height of Kingda Ka is 139m but it doesn’t make a difference on its acceleration speed. It accelerates very fast and reaches its maximum speed in just 3.5 sec. It has the capacity of 1400 riders per hour and spans over 3118 foot. If you plan to take a ride in Kingda Ka then better to first check the weather conditions because it won’t operate in rain.


2. Top Thrill Dragster Ohio, USA

Top Thrill dragster was built in 2003 and at that time it was the tallest as well as the fastest roller coaster in the world. But in 2005 Kingda ka took Dragster’s spot. The height of this roller coaster is 499 foot with the maximum speed of 120 miles/hr. It accelerates and reaches its maximum speed in 4second. During the ride the car takes a 90 degree ascent and 90 degree counter clockwise turn which forces your heart to jump through your mouth.


3. Dodonpa in Yamanashi, Japan

In terms of acceleration no roller coaster beats Dodonpa as it reaches its maximum of 107 miles/hr in less than 2 seconds. This staggering acceleration forces your heart to start pumping with triple speed. The total length of Dodonpa is 1189m and has a capacity of 1000 riders per hour. Till 2001 Doponpa was the fastest roller coaster in the world but in 2003 the first place was acquired by top thrill Dragster.


4. Superman: The Escape from Krypton California, USA

Superman: The Escape from Krypton was the second roller coaster which used the technology of linear synchronous motor which includes straight tracks towards the sky. Don’t judge this roller coaster by its straight track because when the trains climbs around 41 stories in seconds and then goes down, the fast free fall gives you the most scariest experience you ever had. It reaches its maximum speed in 7 seconds.


5. Tower of Terror in Queensland, Australia

Tower of Terror opened two month prior to superman: The Escape from Krypton at Dreamworld in Australia. It was the first roller coaster to utilize LSM technology. Tower of terror is almost the same as superman and also climbs around 40 stories in few seconds and then follows with a breath taking free fall which is sure to leave you feeling stunned. The free falling speed of trains is around 100 miles/hr and acceleration takes up to 7 seconds.


6. Steel Dragon 2000, Japan

Steel dragon is known for its track length of 2479m which is longest in the world. Notonly does it have a mighty impressive length but it has a speed of 95 miles/hr which is enough to make your nerves numb with excitement. The unique fact about Dragon is that it is the fastest roller coaster but only when the train is on the top because it uses Chain lifts to pull trains. The ride time of this roller coaster is 4 min.


7. Millennium Force in Ohio, USA

It was the first roller coaster which uses the cable lift system rather than traditional chain lift. When millennium force made its debut in 2000 it was the best roller coaster in every department, whether you compare its length, speed or height. Millennium force had the second longest ride and the mind blowing speed of 93miles/hr. This roller coaster is featured with a drop of 300 ft and 80-degree plunge down which also includes two dark tunnels which definitely adds more excitement to your ride.


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