Facebook Is Aware Of Your Relationship Status Even Before You Update It

The title of the article may sound a bit intimidating but it is certainly true in every sort. Facebook has not only become one of the biggest social media website in the internet savvy world but it also exercises a superb control over the accounts of its members. New findings were recently released by Facebook last Friday which appeared to be the Valentine’s Day. According to these findings, Facebook can easily adjudge when the two people are about to change their relationship status to being committed.

It is a subject of deep intelligence and expertise of the software engineers of the social media network. In the last 3 months, Facebook has been studying the behavior of the couples before they update their status updates. It is realized that the number of timeline posts shared between the couple increases phenomenally before they are about to change their status update. This is the loophole that Facebook uses in order to determine the change of relationship status of people on it.

According to the study done by Facebook developers, the frequency of posts on each other’s page increases 12 days before the relationships reach their peak stage. When the frequency of posts exchanged between the couple reaches 0, it perennially means that the relationship between them is on the declining mode.

Facebook poked into the Facebook pages of the couples who declared their anniversary date and did not change their relationship status. When the records were fetched between 11 April 2010 to 21 October 2013, the couple remained single 100 days before and 100 days later after the mentioned date. These findings are a part of the project that Facebook developers are endorsing in the recent times. Here is the look at some of the interactions before the couple decides to enter into a relationship.

Facebook Is Aware Of Your Relationship Status Even Before You Update It

The couples come closer after changing their status and spend more time together. The online interactions between them are a way to knot them together in the physical world too. This was declared by Facebook recently in the post of an online blog.

When there is lesser interaction between the couple, it is not sighted as a bad thing what so ever. The posts that are exchanged between them get sweeter and positive after changing the relationship status update. In order to have a look at these interactions and evaluating them, Facebook tried to measure the words such as “love”, “nice” and “happy” and compared them with the ones portraying negativity like “hate”, “hurt” and “bad”.

Facebook Is Aware Of Your Relationship Status Even Before You Update It

It is evident that the conversations between the couple turn into the sweet zone after the change of relationship status into “committed”. In another study, Twitter has picked out the countries that tweet more about being in love. The users who belong to Israel are heard saying “I Love You” the most as compared to the other countries in the world. Sweden comes at the second position followed by Norway, Spain and Hungary.

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