Everything You Wanted To Know About Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory is often discussed everywhere but have you ever given a thought about what this term actually means? Well, we will uncover the secrets about Big Bang Theory here. The theory simply implies to the development and evolution of the Universe. It is the explanation about the process of the making of Universe and also other aspects associated with it.

The Big Bang happened approximately 14 billion years ago. The concept of Universe began from the big bang explosion; this fact is simply mind boggling. The Big bang means that a lot of small particles collided with each other in order to form the Universe. Soon after, the universe evolved and exploded very quickly and here we are.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Big Bang Theory

The explosion continued later on and the rate at which it kept happening was very high. The event could have been very staggering and it could come to an unimaginable point. According to the theory, once the initial energy of the explosion dissipates, an effect of rebounding will be experienced which will cause the edges of the universe to come towards the center. This can be compared with a stretched rubber’s release and the effect of elasticity that enables the rubber to get back into shape. This concept has been accepted by everyone in the scientific community. No arguments have been put forth after the scientists claimed the Big Bang theory to be similar to the above stated facts. Some scientists however debate on the fact whether big bang actually happened and if the events that are happening presently in the universe are a part of the Big Bang.

The events that have been studied by the scientists range from being gravitational wave detection to the collection of traces of exotic particles. A lot of discoveries have been made about the new solar systems and new galaxies. All these discoveries have contributed comprehensively to the finding of exact time when the big bang happened. Until now, there is only an approximation and the real facts have not been found out. There is a constant tiff between the scientists and astronomers to find out whether the theory is right or wrong. The big bang theory is heavily discussed in the media at the moment. The scientists are also confused with the fact whether the studies for big bang theory should continue or not. The only finding that is creating confusion in the minds of scientists is that if the big bang theory is true, what happened to the religion. The finding of the gravitational waves is also unexplained by far.

The various findings that have been made in favor of the big bang theory actually serve as the follow-ups for the further research in this area. The scientists have not been able to perfectly explain how the big bang happened and if that is the cause of the Universe creation. By the time they prove the facts, the debate on the same will continue.

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