Evan Rubinson on Management After the Pandemic 

Evan Rubinson is a serial entrepreneur who has founded a number of successful businesses in the financial and music industries. He has learned a lot over the years about what works in business and what keeps it moving forward. He learned a lot of lessons from the difficulties he experienced during the pandemic. One of these is the importance of a good corporate culture. During the pandemic, it was necessary for many of his employees to work from home, and this changed the business in a number of ways. It also ended up affecting the culture of the business and how it affects getting business done.

Pandemic Management

During the pandemic, people came up with different ways to do business, and they were largely successful. In his businesses, Evan Rubinson had many people working from home. This was a big turnaround for his businesses because he prefers for people to work from the office. However, he saw the good that it did for his employees and saw that they delivered well. In fact, he found that the work they did was often better than what they produced when working from the office. He believes that’s because people started to appreciate the business more because it was so accommodating during that time. Managing remote employees doesn’t have to be that complicated, and he has kept some of the flexibility that the business had to have during the pandemic. There are many reasons why his management style has become more flexible since that time.

Flexibility and Working From Home

One of the major changes that Evan Rubinson has made in post-pandemic management is to allow employees to ask for a work-from-home arrangement. Having seen how much employees appreciated this arrangement, he now allows for it when employees have a reason for wanting it. Though his preference is to have everyone in the office all the time, he has learned that flexibility can strengthen his bond with grateful employees. Knowing that he has their back has made employees more loyal to the company, and this has helped to create a great business culture.

He takes the time to think about each situation from the perspective of the employee, and he always makes sure his decisions are fair. This shows respect to the employees, and that respect builds up a positive culture among employees. With a good culture, people feel more positively about the work they do and are happier to collaborate with others for better teamwork. For Evan Rubinson, all of these benefits are important, and he intends to keep a flexible option open to his employees who may need it.