Essential Tips to Avoid Bloating

People who work out are usually concerned about their weight before and after munching the food. However, they get really disappointed at times while noticing an extra inch of stomach around their abdomen region. There is no worse feeling than realizing that the radius of your stomach has increased right after one meal.  The bulging belly is usually not the result of a big Italian meal, it cannot be called a pasta belly. The alarming fact is that even healthy meals can make us look bulgier than before. So, where is the leak, what are we doing wrong?

The ALOHA expert and certified Wellness coach Nadya Andreeva has specialized in digestive disorders and shared some of the views with us. Apart from throwing light on the subject, they have also revealed the tips for eating without causing much swelling.

Essential Tips to Avoid Bloating

Swelling is a common phenomenon among the youngsters when they bank upon junk food. However, the situation becomes tricky when they endorse a healthy food but still suffer from the same. This is the point when they need to know about the loopholes. The proper knowledge and tips about the eating habits can help the cause by a fair deal.

Here are some of the essential tips to avoid bloating:

1. The cold beverages shall be avoided in between the meals:

Cold Beverages like Beer or soft drink must be avoided while eating your meals. If there is a cold substance on your food, the body takes longer to digest the food. The result of a cold substance is so strong on the digestion system that it constricts the blood vessels in your stomach. As a result of which, the digestion process becomes way slower than usual. Hence, soda and soft drinks must be avoided during the eating time and they can instead be replaced with hot herbal tea or normal temperature water along with lemon.

2. Avoid eating snacks:

People usually mention that you should have four or five meals a day in order to keep healthy and control the fat. However, Nadya is not impressed by this fact since the human body needs some time to digest the food and if you stack the stomach with more snacks in little time, it can worsen the situation. Hence, there should be a proper gap between the meals otherwise it simply results in bloating. Another side effect of snacking is that you are lacking energy throughout the day. The people who eat five or six meals a day experience a low energetic phase every day.

3. Try to ignore the dry foods:

The dry foods including chips, nuts and others must be outright ignored. These foods do no good to the human body. The dry foods make the colon dehydrate, which as a result gives way to bloating. Cheese shall also be avoided while eating. Soy, corn meal and deep water fish are also some eatable that must be avoided. Following this tip, you can regulate bloating to a great extent.

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